Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Biker Babe

Twice now, twice I've ridden Husband's stationary bike without (1) dying or (2) bisecting my ladygarden . . .

. . . each of which seemed a clear possibility the first time I mounted the dreaded beast.

But with the help of a little extra padding from my good friends at Derri-Air (isn't that a great name?), I sit quite comfortably.

I haven't figured out all the gizmos on the control panel, but I've ridden for 25 minutes each time and I think I covered about five miles. Sweet! (and sweat! Good lord but I do sweat.)

And — I like it! The time passes relatively quickly, and my knees are much less knackered afterward than when I walk.

I've also resumed lifting weights and working my core, and I'm already stronger than I was last week. Progress!

Just a quick post tonight, I wanted to give you all something different to look at than Marcia Brady, but I am crazybusy at present — parent-school-kid stuff (May is NUTS), church stuff (after the election this weekend, I am DONE with this committee!!!!!!), and work, so much editing work!!

I'm now going to pull dandelions out of my lawn with my son, then switch fall/winter clothes for spring/summer clothes in my closet, and then go to Trader Joe's and also get a haircut. Busy busy!!

— Lady C

p.s. Here's what I'm reading:

And here's what I'm watching:



  1. First, your Trader Joe's gives haircuts. Awesome. Second, also watching Buffy at my pace. In third season. Will add Angel when he gets spun off.

    1. My TJ's doesn't sell hooch so it has to make up for this lack somehow. And my new haircut is da bomb!! (Watched "The Wish" last night. SO. GOOD.)

      I hated "Angel" and stopped after a few episodes. I started watching again when my Blondie Bear arrived on the scene, but I never liked that show. Did you watch in real time, or is this your first viewing? Tell me what you think of it.

      Ooh! We can watch "Buffy" together when you're here! That will give you an excuse not to talk, because, you know, TV.

      ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

      (love you!!)

  2. I must get one of those bicycle seats!

    Have you watched Buffy before?
    I never have... I'm kind of afraid of triggering a fannish obsession---and it's soooo long, I prefer to obsess over short things: Sherlock is perfect---only 9 episodes!
    I love Joss Whedon's Firefly--also very short (14 episodes).
    144 episodes.

    1. Love Buffy! I am the obsessed fan you fear. And yeah, it is long, which is what keeps me and the kids from doing a marathon. But I love love love this show -- one of my all-time faves. I disliked the first two episodes of Firefly, so stopped watching, but I keep thinking I'll give it another try. And I agree -- Sherlock is perfect!! So excited for season 4.

    2. I'd say "Firefly" doesn't change much, so if you disliked the first two episodes, I probably wouldn't bother trying again... Mal (the captain) does become a little less amoral, but otherwise, it's pretty steady.

      I love obsessed fans! I just fear becoming one (again). My love of the original Star Trek is enough for this lifetime.

      Sherlock, Season 4--only one more year to wait!