Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Doing the Hard, Doing the Scary

Another day with no paying work, even though I am in the middle of a giant editing job! But this client, bless her heart, is mo-o-o-o-lasses slow.

As I am nothing if not true to my word,** I began my day by embracing my fear!

This morning I sent my beloved middle-grade novel, Measuring Up, precious child of my heart, to a mean scary publishing company who may bully, shun, and reject my baby. They may also love and embrace it, who knows, but the odds definitely favor option the first.

The publisher requested a multi-part packet, so it took a little time to pull together a synopsis, an author bio, yada yada. But I did it, and whee! Accomplishment!

In fact, now that I think about it, I sent it to two publishers! One requested the full manuscript, and one was a "cold call" — I sent them a synopsis and the first 10 pages.

We shall see.

And then, since I still had no paying work at 1 p.m., plus I needed pizza dough from Trader Joe's, I stuffed my feet into my sneaks (no easy business, as the shoes have always been on the snug side, and my feet tend to swell when the weather's warm, as it is) and headed out for the bike path (which runs behind Trader Joe's, in case the pizza dough–walk connection wasn't clear).

The bike path was blessedly cool, and I plodded through my usual 2.7 miles, but good Lord it was worky. My right knee really, really hated it, and I was a limp sweaty noodle by the end. I even stopped and rested on a bench for a minute, which I've done exactly never before.

Me for the first quarter mile

Me for the remaining 2.5 miles

I think I need to face the fact that walking is not my friend until I take off some weight and/or build up my knee-support muscles a little more. I need to set up a fan in front of the stationary bike, as our basement heats up fast when I'm pedaling. It's easy enough to do, I just need to do it.

I did get the pizza dough, but I am so tired and sore, I just want to sit with an ice pack for a while and not move.

Is there homemade pizza in my family's future, or will I be too tired to stand and slice (onions, peppers, mushrooms plus salad)? Only time will tell.

I feel like hard work should be more rewarding.


Grr, arrgh,

Lady C

** This is a lie.


  1. I am not as concerned that I am visiting the Land of Red Sox Fans as I am that it borders the Land of Zombie Robert Frost. High school junior English, first semester. We read, dissected and wrote about nothing but Robert Frost poems. New Hampshire will be the Road Not Taken.

    1. Bob Frost rocks, hater!

      (ha, kidding. I don't care. N.H. is easy enough to avoid, though we could be there in 20 minutes and there's no sales tax -- is that not enticing?)

      Husband says you should have no trouble rooting for the A's at the Red Sox game; people will simply look at you like you're strange. Whereas if you were rooting for the Yankees, I'd recommend a bodyguard.

      See you so soon!!!

  2. Did pizza happen?

    Congratulations on sending out your novel! That's gruesome.
    (Have you sent it to agents?)

    And congrats on your gruesome walk too---here's to the importance of knees!
    My bike is in the shop right now getting, among other things, a lady-parts–friendly seat.

    That final e-card made me laugh. That's me, some days.

    1. Ha! No. But I made it the next night.

      I've sent my novel to agents in the past, with no nibbles. This time I sent it directly to two small publishers. We shall see!

      I rode my bike yesterday, with no ill effects. That is *clearly* the right exercise for me. And now I've got the fan set up, and I've learned to bring a towel downstairs with me (the handlebars become slick with sweat very soon), which will make the entire experience more pleasant.

      I hope you like your new seat!