Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Spring of Hope

What a lovely couple of days!

Sadly, my weight shot right back up again . . . likely because of my weekend excess. Saturday included Pitch Perfect 2 and blue Slushee and dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and Sunday was all about !!!!!! CELEBRATING THE END OF MY TENURE ON THIS GODFORSAKEN COMMITTEE !!!!!!!, which I did with (shh!) two shots of tequila at our Annual Meeting (thank you, Brunie, for my discreet and ladylike lipstick flask! my table enjoyed it very much) and not one, not two, but three glasses of sangria at Not Your Average Joe's (it was Sangria Sunday! they offered five choices! I showed admirable restraint!), plus my favorite item on their menu, ahi wontons, plus a wedge salad with horseradish dressing. (Damn!)

Though I did ride the bike and lift weights on Saturday (and sweat sweat sweat), it was otherwise a weekend of indulgence.

But Monday and Tuesday have been delightful. On Monday I didn't have to work, so I headed to the garden. I hung my new flowering plants on shepherds hooks, I pulled weeds from between the paving stones on the back patio and in the two beds near my compost heap, I removed the patio cushions that have been shredded by squirrels (this is new — what the hell, squirrels??), I filled an entire leaf bag, I swept, I groomed.

Two hours worth of work, and everything still isn't "done" (I have a smallish yard, but it comprises many sections), but it looks so much prettier now! There's a scarlet geranium on my stoop and a fuchsia hanging by my front door. Gorgeous!!

I celebrated my virtue by sitting on the patio for an hour with an icy diet soda and a pile of magazines. Bliss.

Today I worked all morning, then did various projects all afternoon. Example: Ages ago, I applied to be a substitute teacher for the Belmont Public Schools, the town next door, which pays $5 more an hour than Arlington (woo-hoo! I'm in the money!) — but after having the interview and getting hired, I got really busy and haven't made it back in to submit my paperwork and get fingerprinted. (Hello, Big Brother!) But I decided that I might as well cross this chore off my list, so today I downloaded and completed all the paperwork, and tomorrow I'll drop it off and set up the fingerprinting appointment.

I love crossing things off my list!

And tonight Husband and I may well finish watching Breaking Bad, we have only three episodes left. I will be sad when we're done, it is SUCH a good show!!!!! but I am dying to see how it all turns out.

Tomorrow night is the Survivor finale. I might have told this story before, so I apologize for repeating myself, but here it is: In February 2004, my dear father-in-law died after having been sick for a year. While not technically "unexpected," still, it took us by surprise. Husband flew to Texas to be with his mom and sis; I was home alone with two tiny children, one of whom had never even met Granddaddy.

Husband had a somewhat complicated relationship with his father; while he loved him and admired many things about him, they were not particularly close; he's always been closer to his mother.

And when death comes — well, where you were on that day is as good as it's ever going to get. Your chance to change or improve this relationship in any way is now gone.

This was so unbearably sad to me. I sat at home, holding my two small children, missing Husband, and grieving, grieving, for the loss of a good man and the loss of potential.

I needed distraction. Enter: reality television!! The perfect mindless entertainment that I craved. In February 2004, I became hooked on American Idol and Survivor. And if my kids hadn't tired of Idol, I might be watching it still.

But Li'l Martini and I love Survivor — we are diehard fans. This season (which has been astonishingly hateful —  so much misogyny!! Really, really gross) we're rooting for Mike, who is not perfect but who is fundamentally a good guy, as opposed to the two male pigs who are left.

While I wait for Husband to burn our last episodes of Breaking Bad, here's what I'm reading:

For tonight's supper, I made tacos with ground chicken, Spanish rice, and fresh salsa — YUM. Healthy and delicious, and so pretty!

I think that is all my news. My weight is heading back down again, I'm faithfully logging my food, all will be well.

Nothing happens fast. It's a journey. This I know for sure. And at least I'm back on the right path again.

Lady C

p.s. Look at these cute postcards!
I especially love I Hate to Cook (middle row, second from left). I have all of Peg Bracken's books, and I even corresponded with her for a bit, before she died. She was a gem.


  1. Isn't that Cookery for Men Only art rather... Freudian? Chopping off a carrot?

    Good for you for sticking with your generally downward weight trend (with intermittent upward moments).

    I have browsed through your blog archives but not read their contents closely, so I had not heard the tale of how you got hooked on reality TV, and I enjoyed it a lot, partly because it's like what I'm doing this week as I wait to hear about an apt. application (approved or disapproved), plus I've just applied for a JOB today too----why not heap on the anxiety while I'm at it, I figure!
    I'm not actually watching reality TV, but I am self-soothing with pop culture.

    Dead parents. Heavy. Worse even than live squirrels.

    Your garden looks as good as a sangria!

    1. Oh, man, that Cookery for Men cover is hilarious. I like The Reluctant Cook, smoking reefer and watching daytime dramas. She's my girl!

      I have my fingers crossed hard that you get this cool-sounding job! Good for you for going for it.

      (I must confess that these photos are not from my garden -- I search Google images for things that are similar, because I am too lazy to walk ALL THE WAY OUTSIDE with my camera! My friend Good Neighbor Anne is a brilliant nature photographer; maybe I'll have her come over and document my yard.)