Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Light? Is That You?

I'm finally emerging from the incredible morass of crazy overwork and overcommitment that comprised the last 10 days . . . !
  • Five big jobs. Five. 
  • One was 300+ pages. Shoot me now.
  • One required me to be the final set of eyes on an extremely important report, because the designer was late with it and the client was about to leave for a long-planned vacation.
  • One is requiring me to write and/or adapt full sections, because they are referred to elsewhere in the document and yet they don't exist.* (I'll be working on this one through June.)
  • One was a brochure I helped craft more than a year ago, and I'm still finding old mistakes in it, which is discouraging.
  • But the fifth one, about gambling prevention, was pretty fun. I said to the client, "Is it totally wrong that I now want to hit the new casino when it opens?" and she said, "Oh, we are already planning an educational field trip!"
(It occurs to me that I still haven't responded to the wackadoo potential client. Whoops! Better do that today.)
  • We hosted the world's easiest and most delightful houseguests: my BF Lady Darcy's husband, CPA Boy, and their cherub, My Godson. I fulfilled my Godmothering duties of (1) showing Godson MIT and clucking over What Might Have Been (long story), (2) introducing him to many flavorful cocktails (yes, he is 21 – and yes, we got a little "giggly" on tequila night), and (3) teaching him how to make pie!! We had a lot of fun.
  • I attended the first meeting of my new church committee, which is already pretty worky. Kind Tina is sending me tons of "what do you think of this?" and "which of these books should we choose for next year's parenting book group?" e-mails  — I think I need to have a sit-down with her soon and ask her to chill a bit. I'm so glad to be off the Leadership committee, and yet . . . I totally ran my own show over there. I need to get used to having someone more "in my face" again.
  • I hosted a Betsy-Tacy party for a visiting Minnesotan — fun, yet wearying.
  • Weeks ago, I agreed to sub in the last Sunday school class of our church year for the second-graders I taught in the winter. Well, then it turned out that both teachers were going to be absent, so instead of an easy helper gig, I suddenly became the lead teacher responsible for lesson planning. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say . . .
  • On Monday, I hosted the final meeting of my loathed Leadership committee. However, it was great fun; we had lots of champagne and two kinds of cake, and they gave me gorgeous parting gifts!!! Three of them are in my wine rack (!!), and here is the fourth, which I completely adore:

So — a lot on my plate. But the biggest responsibilities have now been fulfilled, and I'm back to simply being regular-busy rather than CRAZYCRAZYBUSY, which I celebrated yesterday by working out and taking a long hot bubble bath.

Except, and except. I have been so busy and stressed, I haven't been logging my food, which is probably just as well because I haven't been eating all that great.

Yesterday, in particular, I ate extremely poorly: a small piece of leftover cake for breakfast (!!), and two organic pop-tarts** and a handful of mixed nuts for lunch. And when I got on the bike to pound out five miles, it was clear that I had no good fuel to run on, which made everything much harder than it needed to be.
I'm starting today with better choices (breakfast spackle!). I have some more work to do, and then some errands to run (and a wackadoo client to contact), and who knows? Maybe another workout, we'll see.

I've had so many good books home from the library, and I'm so excited to finally get a chance to read them!!!


More to write, as always, but this is enough for now. Onward!

— Lady C

* It's a lot of work, but I'm enjoying this job quite a bit. The client is a peach; she says she gets assigned these reports because she's known to be "a writer," except that she has an MFA in poetry; her skills are not lending themselves well to a guidebook for substance-abuse prevention grantees. I told her that an opening poem on the scourge of underage drinking would be just the ticket!
Life is something you should cherish,
If you drink too soon, your life could perish.

—from "Underage Drinking" by Zane Skeels

** Note how I slip "organic" in there so it sounds less reprehensible? Yeah, it was practically health food.


  1. I do not know if I would describe myself as "easy," but maybe after the first margarita...

    1. P'shaw. I am 100% sure you could be had after a shot of tequila and a targeted cleavage app.

  2. This was hilarious and wonderfully written, but my big reaction is YAY Josephine Tey!!!! -- SDF

    1. I LOVED "Miss Pym Disposes"! On to "Daughter of Time."