Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I Could Not Be More Proud


"Baby, bring me some wine," I whined from my hot, hot perch at the editing desk.

It's 900 degrees here, I have a huge editing job that came in late, no one loves me, I am cranky.

However, I just put a new bottle of wine in the fridge this morning, its cork tightly secured. Li'l Martini can pour wine, but I doubted his abilities to uncork a bottle.

But! The youth of today are intrepid, ingenious, resourceful!

He grabbed my gorgeous Anna G corkscrew, plunged her into Mr. Kendall Jackson's tightly squeezed orifice, and pumped out a cork like a pro!


And I now have a frosty glass of Mother's Little Helper (what a drag it is getting old), and while it's still hot and I still hate EVERYONE, nonetheless I look to the future with hope and optimism.


—Lady Chardonnay, addict, grouch, and Mother of the Year


  1. You give me hope! If Li'l Martini can handle a corkscrew, I'll have my girl muddling up the perfect Old Fashioned no time!

    1. I KNEW you would respond and share my joy!!!!

      Have I ever made you a Ward 8? I make a really good one, and I think you would like it. Someday when it's cooler and I stop hating EVERYONE (I don't hate you), come sit on my patio with me and we'll drink Ward 8's. Bring Pie; she can play with my nail polish and vintage Barbies.

    2. I have had Ward 8s, but not YOUR Ward 8s, which I am sure are far superior than the ones I've had. So you've a date!

    3. With Lil Martini on your team, I say you have a good fighting chance against the zombies!

    4. Yay for cocktail dates! Yay for zombie fighters! All good.

      (But BOO for 90+ degree weather and humidity! I WILT. I PINE. I WHINE a LOT!!!!!!)