Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Teach Me to Walk!

A magazine I just read posted a list of "the best walking workout videos," which I found pretty funny. A walking workout? that you do walking in place? in front of a monitor?

But hey, I'm always looking for other workout options, and my library carried two of the "top walking" videos, so yesterday I walked with Denise Austin.

I am humbled by how sweaty and tired I was after a half-hour workout!

(Granted, it is very hot and humid here. I've been up for half an hour, and all I've done is feed the cats, make coffee, clean up some cat barf, and read my e-mail, and I definitely have a ladylike glow!)

After my sweaty walking workout, I did my knee PT. (My knees are getting worse and worse; then again, am I taking Motrin and using ice? No. But I've stepped up my PT, I'm riding the stationary bike, which is supposed to help, and I put Epsom salts in my bath — but every morning, I stretch before I get out of bed, to limber up a little, and then limp my way to the bathroom. So sad.)

I have four good books home from the library:

It is so hot. All I want to do is this (I'm an indoor kitty, remember):

But I am still in great demand, work-wise, so instead I must do this:

. . . in front of a fan, with breaks only to transport children to various summer activities (LARP camp for Martini, a creative writing seminar for Mimosa) and to make dinner.

People ask if I'm having a good summer, and I try not to growl at them. For me, summer is just like every other season, except that everyone is home, all the time, when I'm trying to work, and it is freaking hot. Ugh, ugh, ugh, not my favorite season by a million miles.

But not every day is hot, and this too shall pass.

Back to work – just wanted to let you all know that I've learned to walk via video. (Ask me how!)

Remind me to tell you about the dumb-ass guy who tried to pick me up in a bar once ("golf video" is a keyword in this sparkling anecdote!).

(Speaking of words, did you hear that "twerk" was just added to the OED and that it dates back to 1820??? Also "yarn-bombing," a phrase I have never heard. Maybe it's a Midwest thing?)


— Lady C


  1. Santa Rosa has yarn-bombers; mostly parking meter poles and such. Yes, Please? Could not finish, so Please, No.

    1. So bizarre. I do not get this particular activity at all. Then again, I do nothing with yarn and dislike knitted and crocheted products in general -- maybe I am not the target audience.

      All I've read of "Yes, Please" is the back cover, which I enjoyed. I'll keep you posted!

  2. "Ask me how."

    I must ask: how?

    I have developed this crazy idea of biking across the USA next year when I turn 55. Since I can barely bike around the lake (4 miles), I think this is *extremely* unlikely, and yet ... it calls to me.

    Perhaps it's not for indoor kitties, but wanna go with me?
    Our knees would be super strong afterward. Or ground to dust...

    1. Hee! It's hard to say which would give out first, my butt or my knees or my back. But what an exciting goal! Like eating an elephant, you will simply do it one bite/bit at a time.

      (I don't want to eat an elephant either) :)

      A newly graduated senior (as in -- he's 18-ish) in Arlington just biked across the U.S. His thighs are MASSIVE.

      Good luck! Keep the dream alive, sister.

  3. P.S. We're having a weirdly cool summer, but it's still too hot for me if it's above 80.
    Do you have one of those magic boxes that go in the window and turn the air cold?

    1. Shh! Shh! Don't let Husband hear you. Yes, we have four of those devil boxes, but a few years ago I vetoed them. I HATE having my windows blocked, all the time — no light, no air circulation. It doesn't seem worth it to me for the handful of days that we'd really need it.

      If we had already-built-in a.c. — well, I'd be cranking that sucker all the time, environment be damned. But I hate the window things so much, and my shunning allows me to feel smug and virtuous. YOU'RE WELCOME, ozone layer! I'm a Giver, you know.