Friday, August 14, 2015


Woo-hoo! My son's baby room is now the elegant boudoir of an accomplished and enterprising young fellow, and I am so proud and happy and exhausted and sore!!!! (So much bending, lifting, carrying, stretching!!! I am achy-breaky!!!)

We finished last night at 6:42 p.m., and I promptly cracked a bottle of champagne (not literally; I simply opened it) and christened the newest addition to our lovely homestead.

Li'l Martini returns from camp this afternoon; I am SO EXCITED to see him and to see his reaction. I think he'll be pleased but you just never know.

And of course . . . it's his room. He will change things I did (which is totally fine) and he will not keep it clean and perfect like it is right at this moment (which is . . . frankly, less fine, my son is such a pig and it drives me CRAZY, but I have to accept this with grace and Zen; he does clean his room every weekend, and he has a lot more storage space now, and hopefully both will help to keep the worst mess at bay . . . for a while, anyway).

Here's how it looked before the gutting began, starting in the back corner near the closet:

Just getting all that crap out of there took FREAKING FOREVER. We had piles all over the house!!

I started painting on Monday, aka:

But it was a great day. Look at this: One wall — transformed!!

I completely fell in love with this Behr paint color at Home Depot, though at first I picked Glidden paint, which was a little cheaper — but the clerk told me that I had to use Behr paint for a Behr color (and Glidden paint . . . yada yada), and the darkest blue Glidden had was way too light. I sprang for the for pricier paint, and I'm so glad!

The biggest transformation for me, though, happened after I laid down the rug. His old rug was old, it used to be in his sister's room, it never really looked "right" in there to me, and it wasn't plushy or comfy. This new rug . . . oh, honey. You want to roll around on it, it is so soft. And the colors are perfect!!!!

I also wanted to capture the exact moment when I realized that (a) I'd purchased only one leg for the computer table, which requires four, and (b) it wasn't even the RIGHT FREAKING LEG.

No way around it — I had to return to the land of Ikea.

Also, my biggest fear had been that there wouldn't be enough room along one wall for both the headboard and the bookcase, which there wasn't — but these cute little tiny shelf units I'd purchased would work perfectly in place of the bookcase. It does make the computer area of his room a tad crowded, but I can live with that. But I could use two more shelf units in addition to the four table legs — so on Thursday morning, I headed back to Ikea.

Here's the table with the correct legs:

A little crowded, as I said — it will be hard for him to get into the bookcase. Maybe we'll move things around some more, who knows.

I'd soloed pretty much all week (which was just fine), but on D-Day (Thursday), Husband stepped up and stepped in and was a hero. He purchased a fan (Li'l Martini's stopped working on Day 1) and a guitar stand, and he assembled the desk chair.

(Li'l Martini's lamp also collapsed in the process of being moved. His stuff was so old and crappy!!! I feel bad now.)

(I chose a magnificent bedside lamp at Ikea, also a cute clip-on computer desk lamp — and the Ikea overlords neglected to inform me that the magnificent bedside lamp only works with special Ikea light bulbs. Another trip to Ikea? HELL TO THE NO, I ordered a package on eBay. Kid's been living in the woods for a week, he don't need no stinking bedside lamp. And, as Mrs. Cynicletary points out, it stays light till 8 p.m. anyway.)

Voila!! Here's what Li'l Martini's room looks like from the hallway:

And here's the whole room, starting with the closet in the back corner:

(Note the finger hook holding the handcuffs — I crack myself up!!)

Cute lamp, right? (GRRRR.) 

So so so happy!!! I'll let you know what he says.

It was a great birthday week, but I think I'll do something less messy and taxing next year. 

Today I'm having my birthday lunch with Mrs. Cynicletary, I have a little editing to do, I'm submitting a timesheet for 10 MILLION DOLLARS, and we get to hear Mimosa sing!! Also: Ikea Swedish meatballs for dinner! I guess I forgive them.

Nothin' but good times ahead!!

xx Lady C


  1. Looks awesome for a teen boy's room! The rug is beautiful; you can "feel" the fluffiness through the pix. Good job!

    1. Thanks, honeybunny! Come visit me and roll around on the rug!!


  2. Good Neighbor AnneAugust 14, 2015 at 5:33 PM

    Yay for you! Lots of work!
    Let us know what he says!

    1. It was a shitload of work, but I hardly remember it now. He was dazed and thrilled. After being home for an hour, he came downstairs and sat on my lap (as I believe I've mentioned, it's like cuddling a steer) and said, "I LOVE MY ROOM." So sweet!!!!

  3. It's just like one of those TV rehab shows! I love how you respected all his stuff and just made a wonderful new home for it. And that is one gorgeous blue! So glad he loves it!!! That must make it all worth it. -- SDF

    1. I asked him if he thought the blue was too dark, and he looked at me as if I were mad and said, "It's TARDIS blue!!!!"

      I am brilliant without even realizing it.

  4. You did a great job! This reminds me of when Betsy Ray came back from the Taggarts' farm and found her family had moved to High Street.

    1. Yes, for sure, though this recipient was a little happier a little sooner.

      I thought of you *so often* the past few days as we traversed D.C.!! Except for the first day, my brilliant weather karma was in effect - low humidity, cool breeze, Heaven. LOVED the National Portrait Gallery! Alas, could not find a half smoke. Next time!!!