Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kicking Up My Heels! (Weakly, I'm Still Sick)

I am still absurdly wiped by this cold (it's just a cold! why am I so sick???), but nonetheless: Many events of note have occurred and should be, er, noted. There is much to celebrate at Chez Chardonnay!

First: Both Mimosa and Martini auditioned for the highly prestigious, highly competitive Madrigal Singers last week . . .

. . . and both made it!! We are over-the-moon happy!!!!

(Plus, this makes the school commute so much easier.)

Still to be determined: whether Martini can be both a Madrigal and a member of the band, as band rehearsals overlap with the Mads two days a week. We were told last spring he could do both, so I'm not sure what has changed. But as much as enjoys playing his glockenspiel, Martini is in love with singing — he knows what he will choose if he has to choose. The high school band teacher is kinda legendary, though; Husband and I devoutly hope that our boy can do both.

Second: My marriage turns 22 today!!!

It's the copper anniversary. Intriguing. I like this idea:
Alas, we have but few copper pennies to rub together this month; large-ish copper entities will have to wait.

So far we're celebrating our anniversary separately; I'm doing chores (natch), while Husband is at church for a Worship Associate training. But tonight . . . tonight . . .

. . . tonight we Time Warp!!!! We're taking the kids and a friend of Mimosa's to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show live and onstage!!! We are very excited.

And we kicked off our celebration weekend with a most excellent dinner party at the home of our oldest couple friends, my Alterna-Husband and his lovely wife. They had invited a new young couple as well, and it was great fun.

So far, my Year of Yes is off to a bit of a lame start; I had to beg out of my church acquaintance's birthday party because I was still under the weather, health-wise, and I haven't been invited to do anything else! But the year's young, lots of YES lies ahead, I have no doubt.

Time to resume my exciting afternoon: vacuuming and blowing my nose 73 more times. Happy anniversary to me.


—Lady C


  1. We will have our Hanukkah party this year. So practice your "yes"! (The amazing bar will certainly help.)

    1. I think you know what my answer is!!

      Are you building a sukkah and will you have a party to christen it? You are sure of at least one positive RSVP if so! I'm all about the YES, as you know.

      Except when it comes to maintaining my social media presence. Ohmylord it makes me so weary to think about. But THANK YOU for your sweet matchmaking today! I will follow up, I promise. Not today, I'm too snotty and busybusy, but very soon.

  2. Congratulations!
    To the whole family!

    When you have a cold, YES to rest is smart anyway.

    1. Thank you!! I took an actual day "off" yesterday, rested and drank tons of fluids, and that seems to have been exactly what I needed.