Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Head Has Its Own Zip Code

On Sunday, I was a glamorous urban gal, taking in some live theater with my girl Brunie, dining at Za, traveling by taxi and T — ooh la la! I also co-starred in a brief and deeply stupid playlet at church on the topic of Rosh Hashanah.

And then on Monday I woke up dying. I don't know where I got this cold; no one else in the house has it, and I haven't had close contact with those walking poxes we call "small children."

But I am very sick, still, after four days; my head is enormous and swollen and packed with snot; my sinuses are lined with sandpaper; my ears itch; every part of me aches, including my eyelashes, including my toenails, including my hairline.

I'm also working like a madwoman; after two weeks of editing indolence and sloth, I've now billed 39 1/2 hours — since Monday.

Anyway. I'm too wrung-out to write a zippy and/or inspirational blog post (am I not known for my zippy inspiration?), but I'm waiting for Mimosa to finish showering before I draw my bath, and posting seemed like a good thing to do.

Book report: I am enjoying the three library books I'm reading, so far:


 And I just heard that the latest Tana French is waiting for me; I haven't read all of her books, and they're technically a series, but this one sounds really good.

My brain is so clogged and stupit, though, I'll probably just read PEOPLE magazine in my bathtub and drink hot tea and moan a little.

Off to do just that. Honk, blow, wheeze, ow.

—Lady C

p.s. The play we saw was "Boys in the Band" starring our talented pal Handsome D (we are total groupies). Such a grim little slice of late '60s' life, but the two hours flew by, and the acting is sublime. Handsome D is truly heartbreaking; Brunie and I were beside ourselves. The show runs till October 3; if you're near Boston, check it out!!


  1. I will pay good money--or chardonnay--to see you re-create the "brief and deeply stupid playlet ... on the topic of Rosh Hashanah."

    1. Dude, I'll do it for free. I played the Captain. Aren't ship captains integral to the celebration of Rosh Hashanah?

      I know there are wonderful children's books out there — I've read one or two — but we never seem to adapt any of those for our incredibly stupid church playlets.

      No, I just changed my mind: I do need chardonnay to relive this. Thank you in advance! :)

  2. Oh, oh -- I'm seeing that play TOMORROW! So glad to hear the acting is good. I grew up listening to the double LP album of the original cast reprising their roles and loved it. I didn't know what ANY of it meant (language, mature subjects), I was so focused on the human relationship dynamics between the characters. I still think, its political significance aside, it's a very accurate picture of what can happen in any group of friends, no matter what pressures apply.

    I've seen the movie and one revival in NYC, but I'm super excited to see this production.

    I sure hope your cold disappears as suddenly as it arrived!!!

    -- SDF

    1. Ooh! Ooh! I can't wait to talk to you about the play! And I'm so relieved that you don't have this cold -- I was afraid I'd infected you with my invisible germs during our lovely lunch.

      Be sure to clap especially hard for Handsome D, who is a most excellent and heart-breaking Bernard.

    2. We adored the play and Handsome D's performance. It was a wonderful production and I loved the set, too! I drowned my program with my water bottle though, I discovered when I got home. Do you think Handsome D. might nab another and leave it with you? I'm hoping to see you in October after all as the other plans fell through, I found out today! -- SDF

    3. The set was SUBLIME!!!! Brunie and I coveted the moon and star bookends. And I have that Goulet album . . . so proud.

      (as you know already, I am all set with your program copy)

    4. Even before the play started, I had two fantasies about why there was a World Book set on the living room shelves. What do you think? Also, I loved that there was a little niche up above the bed with decorations on it. Michael would totally add those little touches! It goes with the ribbon curls on the gift. -- SDF

    5. Thanks for the shout-out for Boys! Aren't they all wonderful? Especially, Handsome D!
      Mrs. Cynicletary

    6. It's so hard to be objective because I love him so much, but he was CRAZY GOOD in this show. Even when he was sitting quietly getting drunker and drunker, I could not take my eyes off him, watching him sink into his misery. And Emery was being amazing right at that moment, I was doing a busy head-swivel thing so I could watch both of them.

      All the Boys were wonderful, and I have a disturbing hate-crush on Harold. Help me . . .

      (We saw the most excellent Rocky Horror this weekend -- I wish Handsome D had starred in that!!!)