Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Resolve Wilts in the Heat UPDATED with Pancake Rating!!

I still think about getting stronger — every day! — which I suppose is better than thinking about eating fudge or something, but it is HOT here and I quickly grow weary.

I also had a grand idea: Since waking up in time for school is such a rude shock to the system every single September, how about if we spend the week before school getting used to rising at 7 — and to sweeten the deal, we could have breakfast at a different diner every morning? Everyone loves this idea!! Though, as expected, I am still the first one up and have to haul everyone else out of bed. This might be cute if they were all 7 — but they are 14, 18, and 61, plenty old enough to get themselves up.  

One would think.

So we've been playing this week, and it's been great fun. Yesterday we mini-golfed in Saugus and in lieu of a diner breakfast, we had lunch at Fuddrucker's.
  • Me: What's more fun than Fuddruckin'?
  • Mimosa: Fudd-nothin'!
Golf my way!
This morning we're off to Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, home of what Mrs. Cynicletary declares to be the greatest pancakes in the world. Our own nominee is Lunch Box Diner in Malden, where we plan to eat tomorrow on our way to Canobie Lake Amusement Park. We shall compare!

Strength training will resume when the weather turns cooler. Sorry to be a weenie, but I just can't.

Here's what I'm reading (in front of a fan, feet up, with an icy drink by my side):

Inspirational Kathy, I'm a slave to your recommendations.

Keep cool, friends!

— Lady C, a hot chick


I have only three words to say about the pancakes at Deluxe Town Diner:


I have never had such flavorful pancakes in my life!! They're even better than the ones I make at home!! And I will only admit this very grudgingly.

The menu says they're made with sour cream and buttermilk. Mine are made with buttermilk as well; maybe I'll try adding sour cream . . .

My one and only quibble, which may be where Lunch Box Diner has the edge, is that the intense pancake-y flavor slightly diminished the flavor of the blueberries. What I love about Lunch Box is that the blueberries in the pancakes are so prominent — they are the blueberriest blueberry pancakes I've ever had. Well, we'll put it to the test tomorrow . . .

. . . even though I am NEVER EATING AGAIN.

Two pancakes the size of my head. I feel like Lard Lass.


  1. Hello there! Just happened across your blog and enjoyed reading this post. I LOVE the idea of getting up early the week before school and treating yourselves to breakfast! Also, SO jealous you have a Fudruckers! The one by us closed down a couple years ago. :(

    1. Cool! Feel free to share our idea. And I feel the pain of your Fuddrucker loss . . . that is a tragedy. Nothin's more fun than FUDDRUCKIN'!!