Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Blogging Is Far, Far Down on My To-Do List

I apologize to my regular readers, but I've had neither time nor oomph for blogging. It has been a busy couple of weeks, which have included a house guest, Brunie's 50th surprise birthday party, the death of Kind Tina's mother, which necessitated that I fill in for her in RE land at church, teacher conferences, mental health issues, night-time outings, hosting a Halloween party for the local Betsy-Tacy chapter, many mammograms (all good), an evening with Michael Dukakis, work work work, and the crowning event of last weekend: Mimosa's application to her dream college.

Busy times! And my year of YES (which got off to a rather humbling start, as I am not nearly as popular as I thought I was) has taken me to several events now, including one tomorrow night, involving a "clothing party" at one of the Sleek Suburban Mom's houses. I said to her, "I know for sure that I'm not going to buy anything, let alone try anything on; do you still want me to come and drink your wine?" and she said, "Yes! Come be an appreciative audience!" Now, that I can do.

And I did invite three friends to come with me — Nurse Kathy, Writer Jenny, and Mrs. Superdad:
Chicas, this is my year of YES, and I am saying yes to any social event for which I’m available, even if it sounds horrific like this one does. Trying on clothes, ugh. Trying on clothes and modeling them for other people, ugh.

But I love my friend who’s hosting, and I know the wine will be good, and she swears it’s fine for me to come and just be a supportive party guest.

I also promised that I’d invite a friend, so I’m inviting you three. Let me know if you want to come with me. Full disclosure: My clothes are staying ON. 
Alas, they can't come, but Mrs. Superdad totally cracked me up with her refusal:
Thank you for thinking of me as one of the three people (female) you would want to be around in a state of undress and partial intoxication. That means a lot. Really.
 I love love LOVE my friends.

All is basically well, and I'll be back to blogging when I can.

Happy fall!

— Lady C


  1. Please at least blog sometims about why/how you can't blog:
    you make it hilarious!

    GOOD LUCK to Mimosa!!!

    1. I was less hilarious today, I fear, but I am trying to get back in a regular rhythm. Amazing how easy it is not to blog!!