Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Turning that Frown Upside Down

  I am cautiously optimistic.

The Unitarian Universalist Association, a longtime client, has hired me to edit two big documents, one a sexuality education curriculum for grades 4–6, and one a guide for parents as the sexuality educators of their children. This is right up my alley and also good steady work. Yay!!!

In my ongoing quest for the perfect second job, I just had a phone interview that went very well (I think. How do you ever really know what someone else thinks of you?) for a part-time assistant job at the UU church in Belmont.

It pays very little (though comparable to what I make subbing), but the work is easy and plays to my skills (organization! administration! doing things the way they should be done!!), and the hours are flexible. And the woman I would report to (my interviewer today) is a part-time animal massage therapist! How cool is that???

I would love to get this job. And then I would have a regular (tiny) paycheck to supplement my editing, and maybe I could exhale a little.

And then think about . . . getting back to losing weight??? Maybe.

I'm still seeking a new therapist for Mimosa; we have appointments set up with two, and I have phone appointments with two more. I believe and trust that we will find the right person, yet it all takes time, and I do worry about my pumpkin.

One potential therapist asked me what I was doing to take care of myself while I helped my daughter, and I said, "I drink coffee and watch Jeopardy."

Currently I am obsessed with Jeopardy, particularly my snarky deadpan Jeopardy husband Alex Jacobs:

He is not for all tastes, but I totally love him. Go, Alex! Take down Matt Jackson! I'm behind you all the way, baby.

I finally worked my way through a massive pile of library books (fun, yet oppressive, in its way); here's what I'm reading now:

I dream of having a whole day, 24 straight hours, to read read read. Alas, these children are not going to raise themselves. Jerks.

Back to UU sex ed and a nice fat paycheck.


— Lady C


  1. Sex-ed?
    You must watch William Shatner's "The Explosive Generation" from 1961!
    He plays a high school teacher who gets into hot water for talking to his students honestly about sex.

    It's both a hilariously overwrought B-movie and also a real shock that this was truly an explosive topic. (Of course, it still is for some...)

    Also, Shatner is a hot young babe here (pre–Captain Kirk).

    Naturally you should get paid for your time watching this too, as part of editorial research.

    I want that UU job too! Something manageable, flexible, and paid (even if poorly).
    Basically I want my volunteer job at the Thrift Store to pay---even minimum wage... Sigh.
    Something good will come.
    Something good will come.
    Something good will come.

    1. I had the same thought (I want that job!) about something you applied for a while back, on a whim - a local newsletter editing job, I think? You and I are in similar boats - willing to work for a small paycheck as long as it's regular, the work is pleasant enough, and it affords us the time and oomph to follow our respective muses . . . !

      I will look for that movie. What a riot!

    2. Oh, yeah, and that job I applied for (internal newsletter for the county's public works dept--I'd have been PERFECT)---I didn't even get an interview.
      I wondered if I'd maybe somehow messed up my computer application...

      "The Explosive Generation" really is weirdly worth watching, I think---a real time piece.

    3. I just requested it through Inter-Library Loan; Lasell College owns it, and it shall soon be mine for the viewing! I will give you a full report. My Trekker husband is excited as well. A great date night lies ahead!

  2. Let me know what you think of The Hired Girl. It's on my "want to read" list, but I'd like an opinion before I sink in.

    1. Absolutely! I read the first two chapters while waiting for a kid and LOVED them. It was hard to put it down and return to my library books. Though I am also loving "A Window Opens" (library book), which I started yesterday and have almost finished -- which is astounding when I consider how busy I was yesterday! There's always room for reading (and Jell-O), I guess, no matter how packed the day may be.

      (I am SO OLD. Does anyone else remember "There's always room for Jell-O"?)

    2. "I do! I do!"
      [Remember that?]

    3. Um . . . the musical "I Do, I Do"? I saw it once with Carol Lawrence. (Remember HER?!) That's all I got, though.

  3. The bf and I watch Jeopardy together even when we are not in the same zip code. Alex is far more interesting than Matt (although he shined a little last night with his quirky Matthew McConaughey impression) but that Kerry. I told the bf, can you imagine her in bed with someone. Oh. Baby. Oh. Baby. She is so deadpan.