Friday, March 25, 2016

(VERY) Slow and (Kinda) Steady

After my lovely workout on whatever day that was, I haven't done a single thing to move my body (beyond the usual motions of day-to-day life), but I have consciously tried to eat less — and as you'd expect in the first days of a "diet," I've lost about two pounds. Which is great, I'll take it.

But today I had a solid plan: I would substitute-teach in the morning (the Arlington schools are closed for Good Friday, but our neighboring town of Belmont is only half as holy, and they were open for half a day), come home and do all my dinner prep (the Chardonnays are rarely all home for dinner at the same time any more, but tonight we would be, and I had a lovely meal planned of ham steak and colcannon ["bubble and squeak"] and fresh fruit), and then work out, eat lightly at dinner, and take a long hot bath.

INSTEAD, I had a classroom full of hellion thugs. Frankly, fifth-graders are not the most fun to teach. They've lost all desire to please the teacher (the hallmark of second- and third-graders, my favorite), and they don't have the basic social skills of older students. And these kids were especially wound up because it was a half day before a long weekend and there was a sub. Plus, the teacher left very spotty lesson plans, which is always annoying. I got through it, but by the time I got home, I was exhausted.

And also in a lot of pain. For some reason, subbing is extremely hard on my knees. I think because I'm standing more than I realize and I expend so much energy starting from the soles of my feet. It takes a lot of effort to keep a classroom engaged and under control!

In any event, after running two errands, I came home, collapsed in my comfy chair with my exciting new library book, and indulged in two of my secret weapons:

We did have the lovely dinner and completed our Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon, which started last June, and that was great fun.

But even though I feel much better (Aleve is magic!!) — no exercise today. And likely none tomorrow either; I'll do chores all morning, and then Husband and I are attending many, many hours of live theater. Our pal Handsome D is starring in a trilogy; we've seen Part 1, and tomorrow we see Parts 2 and 3. He is marvelous, and we are looking forward to it. I can still eat small meals, but it won't be a day of much movement.

Maybe Easter, the day of rebirth, renewal, and miracles, will be a workout day for me. Who knows?

— Lady C


  1. I would so go to Hell High School! And, I would even watch a show about a High School over a Hellmouth! Sadly, I am only in Season 5, Glory Be Thy Name! I blame Game of Thrones, but now the books are done and only four episodes of season 5 remain. Then, back to Hell!

    1. Oooh, I loved the Glory season, especially Joel Grey! Enjoy your return to Hell.