Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Puzzlement

My hot goal for the week was four pounds of lost weight. Alas, I only lost about half that — which isn't nothing, I'll take it, but still. I was very motivated, mostly ate very lightly, and went to Deep Water twice — why am I not thin yet??

Well. I never not once did the weight lifting I'd planned to do, my week included a HUGE party to celebrate Writer Jenny's book, with lots of yummy food and cocktails, I also downed about 500 glasses of stress-soothing wine, and I'm not sleeping very well (hello, anxiety, my old friend . . .), which I know affects my metabolism.

Read me! I'm awesome!!!!!!
What else can I do but keep moving forward? Eating small, fiber- and protein-packed meals has not been that hard. Mimosa and I went to Trader Joe's and then,  as we're carrying the bags into the house, I said, "What on earth did we buy that's so heavy?" and Mimosa said, "SARDINES." A can of water-packed sardines, seven Reduced Fat Triscuits, and an apple — that's a lovely lunch for me, and Fat Secret adores it! The protein wedge of my daily nutrition pie chart is finally getting some action. (I am usually a Carb Queen.)

I like Deep Water okay. The teacher's great, and my classmates are very amiable. Especially if I concentrate, it's a good workout, especially for my core. My knees and back have been okay afterward, and it's nice to be back in a routine of Tuesday- and Thursday-night exercise and light dinners. But it's not as high-intensity as zumba; I will definitely need to supplement it with weights and my bike.
Today, Mimosa and I are spending six hours touring her dream school (It's Picture Yourself at Emerson! day), and tonight Li'l Martini performs in Hello, Dolly! In between, I'll do chores (keeping my fingers crossed hard that the vacuum belts will show up; I haven't vacuumed in a week, we're approaching "hovel" status) and try to finish my weekend editing job, due Sunday night. A restful couple of days, it is NOT.

This too shall pass.

It would be nice if some pounds passed on as well.

— Lady C


  1. I still have cake leftover. It's calling my name.... Too bad there weren't any leftover cocktails! xoxo

    1. Yeah, I drank all the cocktails - no leftovers. Sorry about that! But DANG ME they were good!!!! (as was the cake)