Sunday, April 3, 2016

Recalibrating . . .

My intentions are rosy, my follow-through is mush. This is the story of my weight-loss journey. Making healthier choices — for me, anyway — takes mindfulness, and I had an extremely short supply of extra mind last week.

Life is slowly easing back into "normal," but with a graduating senior in the house, every day is a new normal.

Good news: She got into five colleges!!
Bad news: Her dream college is the least affordable!! The most affordable college is the one she has the least interest in!!

Bad news: She failed her driving test!!
Good news:  Well, maybe not good news, exactly, but my kind friends are coming out of the woodwork to assure Mimosa that they too failed not one, not two, but four times!! And honestly, I don't think she practiced enough (says me, Miss Over-Prepare). The real good news is that this is neither permanent nor a reflection on her character. We will practice, practice and try, try again.
Good news:  She's a Madrigal again!
Bad news: She missed 100 days of music, is having a hard time catching up, and this is just one more thing stressing her out and making her feel like a failure!!

The wild ups and downs have been, shall we say, interesting.

And as I'm thinking about how to pay for Expensive Dream College, I'm saying yes to every job that comes my way, and I'm once again Queen of the Editing Prom, juggling five different documents next week. Money, money. Work, work. Crazy, crazy.

The two things I tried hard to do were to eat a lot fresh produce and to include protein at every meal. Greek yogurt! Sardines! Almonds! These were my friends.

But I didn't exercise at all, my knees are really killing me, and last night, after a tense day of the driving test and finishing the sample first chapter of a hard math editing job and having the vacuum crap out after just one room (the rubber belt thingy broke  — not a big deal, but I didn't have a back-up, so I can't vacuum my house until the new belts come)*, all I wanted to do was to shove pizza and wine in my face as fast as I could.

And it was gooooooood.

I will never give up Chardonnay!!
I will never give up Chardonnay!!!
But today is a new day, and this week Mimosa and I start our Deep Water exercise class, and I have set an ambitious goal for myself: Plan a week's worth of meals and strive to lose four pounds. (That is a lot for one week, but I am thinking of this as the first "real" week; it will mostly be that water weight you lose at the beginning.) I am also going to choose three days for weight-lifting and put them on my calendar. I have a TON of work to do, as noted, but with a little bit of pre-planning, I think I can be successful.
This is what we envision. I do plan to wear a bouffant.
My knees hurt so bad. I have got to take off some of the weight I'm carrying around.

In other news:

It snowed last night! Yes, on April 3. Springtime in New England — it's not for sissies.
Here's what I'm watching (love!) and reading (I'm only a few pages in, but I'm enjoying it so far):

And now I must dress for church.

Happy April 3! Which, I just learned is not only National Chocolate Mousse Day (none for me, thank you! she says mindfully), it is also National Tweed Day in Scotland. Now that, I will celebrate.

 —Lady C

* Miss Over-Prepare just ordered 10 BELTS from eBay.


  1. 10 belts of what? Hee, hee. -- SDF

    p.s. You are such a brilliant organizer and so stalwart. Despite setbacks, I feel sure you will prevail!

    1. That's me, brilliant and stalwart. I am practically a bulwark! (a brilliant bulwark) Thanks for your kind wishes, my friend!

  2. It snowed last night! Yes, on April 3. Springtime in New England — it's not for sissies. -- And so begins another season of baseball.