Sunday, April 17, 2016

Where I've Been

Last week was not a fun one. Li'l Martini brought home a cold and kindly shared it with all of us, so all through Emerson Day and Hello, Dolly! and OWL teaching, I slowly sank deeper and deeper into sickness. I also had a migraine for most of the week. I skipped Tuesday's Deep Water class and did little but work, cough, pee a little each time I coughed, clutch ice packs to my head, and wallow.

And wait for Emerson's Office of Financial Aid to call me back, so I can re-negotiate their offer. What the hell, Emerson????

I'm ready to wheel and deal and pour on the charm, but it takes two to tango, my friends. I've left two phone messages now and sent an e-mail to "Ian," Mel's phantom FinAid guy — nada. If I haven't heard anything by Tuesday, I may just take up residency in their office until I get someone to talk to me. Squatter power!

So frustrating. I want to have this resolved. As marvelous as The New School appears to be, I don't love the idea of my sometimes-emotionally-fragile daughter three and a half hours away in a city that is unknown to her, with no family or friends nearby. I may feel differently after she visits on Friday — maybe she'll fall in love with the place, who knows. But I don't know yet, and in the meantime I am forced to cozy up to uncertainty and angst — and they are not pleasant bedfellows, let me tell you.

One way or the other, a decision will be made on May 1. I am living for that day.

In the meantime, Brunie and I are off for our annual film festival — three days of movies, fun food, and cocktails.
Even though I'm still coughing (and peeing), I am so excited!!!! This year's theme is "superlatives": all-time favorite movie, scariest movie, sexiest movie, favorite movie starring our favorite actor/actress, and so on.
(The theme confused Husband, who thought it meant movies with superlatives in the title, such as The Longest Day and The Greatest Show on Earth. Sleepy Susan thought the same, though she points out that one of our picks, The Best Year of Our Lives [classic movie that Brunie most wants to see but hasn't — my counterpart is The Women], also has a superlative in the title, so we're covered on all counts.)

Now I must go concoct a healthy dinner to leave for my family, who otherwise will forage on tumbleweeds and jelly beans while I'm gone. OK, not really, Husband is a perfectly good cook; I just want to do this for them.

Movie report to come! Stay tuned.

— Lady C

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