Saturday, June 25, 2016

Milestones in The Game of Life

The milestones have been coming at me fast and furious, and I've been (1) ducking, and (2) living in the moment. So much going on, so little time to blog or interest in doing so.

But I just got cortisone shots in my knees, I am again determined to be vigilant with my physical therapy, perhaps it's time to return to a focus on self-care and self-love, as life at Chez Chardonnay swirls around me and I do my best to make the trains run on time.

So, what's been happening? (Spoiler: Weight loss will not appear on this list!)

Mimosa finished high school, which was a wild ride on so many levels. I alluded to "the Troubles" that plagued winter quarter, culminating in a threatened lawsuit, and the readjustment period continued into spring . . . but eventually things settled down. She finished the year with a solo at a school concert, which my mom got to see — and as my girl soloed, she was maybe 10 feet from our principal in the front row, the man who kept her out of the music program for 100 days. He got to see her handle that mic and sing like a pro, and later I said to my daughter: "WINNING." She told me that if he said she'd done a good job, she planned to say, "Yeah, I could have done a good job a lot sooner" — but he didn't, so she didn't.

The high school continued to torture her, though. First, we received her $100 yearbook, which boasts pictures of every single sports team and almost every club (including the four-member Philosophy Club! Rock on, you bad boys) but not one picture of the entire Mixed Chorus, not one picture of Mimosa performing with the Chorus, and not a single group photo or even a mention of the Madrigals, who practice seven days a week, all year long, at 7 a.m., something not one of those sports teams can claim. I was incensed. To the school's credit, they promptly refunded our money (which makes me think my name is on a list somewhere: Don't piss her off! She will call a lawyer!!!!). But later that week, the Graduating Class of 2016 was listed in the local paper, and guess whose name was not included? Oh, I think you can guess. And yes, she graduated; she has her diploma in hand. Guess who continues to reveal themselves as incompetent suckwads? Oh, I think you can guess.
Well, minus one.
Well, minus one.
Bastard people.

Other rites of passage for my girl included getting her drivers license; getting a Tribal Membership Card with her photo on it, which now can be her official I.D. if she chooses; singing with a rock band (she performed "Hotel California" and crushed it); and applying and interviewing for an armload of summer jobs.

Result? Both my children are employed for the summer!

This is the first summer in all of ever that I didn't have to spend mucho dinero on summer activities for my kids. Mimosa is working at the Winchester Housing Authority as a summer admin. assistant and just got hired by Target; she is also babysitting up a storm and pet-sitting for a neighbor. Li'l Martini is a junior counselor for the Arlington Center for the Arts summer camp, and is part of the summer corps of child care staff at our church. Mimosa will work all summer and save money for college; Martini will blow most of his dough on sleep-away LARP camp. But it's all good.

I've been busily editing and next week will be an onsite proofreader for my new client, the Coldwater Creek catalog! I am quite excited about this. The money is good, and it will be an interesting challenge to edit onsite, with people around me — something I haven't done in eight years!

As I mentioned, Mom was here for a wonderful whirlwind 10-day visit; we got my garden ready for spring, took a day trip to Maine, watched my kids perform, celebrated Mothers Day, spent time with many of my Arlington pallies, and had a perfectly divine time. But one thing hit me hard: as I drove her around my lovely town, I pointed out various routes that I used to walk, including the 1.6 miles between my house and my mechanic's, which I could no more walk today than I could stand on my head for an hour.

I am so crippled by arthritis now, I can't even walk two blocks without dire pain. I feel sure that I will look back on this time of my life, aka Before Knee Surgery, and wonder why on earth I waited so long. But I'm too afraid of being out of commission for two or three months while I recover — I can't quite commit to the surgery yet. We'll see how I do with cortisone, which I can have every three months, and physical therapy. I did some of the exercises last night while watching The Age of Adaline (only half of them; the doctor gave me twice as many exercises as I used to have), and they are very do-able.

But if I'm not significantly better by September, I will schedule the surgery. I can't go on like this! You should see me when I get out of a chair or first thing in the morning – I hobble half-bent like Quasimodo. (So. Hot.)

There is more going on, but I will stop here for now — this was a nice break, but I need to get back to vacuuming, sheet-changing, laundry, et al. It's Chore Day, don'tcha know! Tonight our plan is to head to the Mendon Drive-In to see Finding Dory and Captain America.

I love the drive-in, it's one of my favorite summer rituals, though right now I have a bad migraine that I haven't been able to shake; that may dampen my ardor just a tad. I will take one more pill and have another icy Diet Pepsi and a hot shower, and maybe that will do it.

It's good to be back!

xx Lady C


  1. I expect to play Milestones, The Game of Life during my next visit.