Sunday, June 26, 2016


I have not  been weighing myself regularly (which is unusual for me — a daily weigh-in is a near lifelong habit), but I did this morning — and to my shock, I'm down about five pounds! Well, that is motivating.

I do tend to eat less in the summer because it is too darn hot, but yesterday, with my migraine and all, I ate almost half a bag of potato chips (potato chips and Diet Pepsi, they are my migraine go-tos) — and we didn't go to the drive-in, we stayed in and ordered pizza and I took a hot bath (where I was visited by a yellowjacket — unnerving! But Husband brought the electric bug zapper upstairs and rescued me. He is Prince Valiant!!).

And I certainly haven't been exercising, though I've been doing a bit of yard work. Well, hmm, I did do my deep water class through last week, and it was a workout, believe me! Maybe I have actually added some muscle mass.

Anyway — I'll take it!

On today's white-hot docket of excitement:
  • finish yesterday's laundry!
  • clean the catbox!
  • pull weeds between the paving stones on the back patio!
  • scrub the upstairs bathroom floor!
And, if time and oomph allow:
  • empty my mending basket!
(We went through Mimosa's closet two weeks ago, and she has several items that she won't wear as is but will wear with a little remodeling — enter Mommy's trusty needle!)

On the funner side:
  • wash and set my hair (my hair is quite long now, and I've become enamored of my old-school pink foam curlers; I get such a soft, natural-looking curl, with less damage to my color-treated hair than hot rollers, I believe)
  • dry hair while sitting on newly weeded and beautiful patio
  • call Mom
  • read my library books

We may go to the drive-in tonight; I have no headache today (hurray!!), and that would be so fun!

Yeah, bye-bye, five pounds. I will not be nibbling carrot sticks at the drive-in.

Stay tuned . . .


  1. "I will not be nibbling carrot sticks at the drive-in." Prince Valiant's ear?

    1. Oooh!! Let me go look that up on Fat Secret...