Thursday, July 7, 2016

Watching a Friend Turn 50

I went out for drinks with my pal Sexy Em this week; she turns 50 this month and is feeling somewhat agitated about it. However, she says that she's decided to STOP, just STOP angsting about food, exercise, her weight in general, men, and work. Sounds good to me!

Though I'm angsting about weight again, because my miracle days of magically losing weight seem to have come to an end (nine pounds gone! poof!), as my weight was up this morning. Which seems impossible, because it was 3 million degrees here yesterday and I must have lost 42 pounds of sweat. But I also ate sushi for lunch, which = sodium, which = probable weight gain. Oh, who knows. I'm certainly not moving around much, it is too darn hot and my knees hurt again.

Turns out, cortisone may cause an increase in hot flashes!! Who knew? I am regularly bathed in sweat several times an hour.

Sexy Em asked me how I felt about turning 50 (at the time), and I said pretty good. My lifelong resolutions have always been to lose weight, manage money better, and do something with my writing, and at 50 all of those things were going pretty well. Of course, now I'm turning 54 and my life has gone to crap in those areas.

Oh, well!

Some interesting and/or good things that happened this week:
  • I made a stupid mistake in calculating Mimosa's college expenses — and for once, my dopiness worked in my favor! We will pay almost $2K less per month than I'd estimated, which is HUGE! Happy, happy.
  • Li'l Martini just heard: he's a Madrigal again! I'd been a teeny bit worried that there'd be some blowback from our Troubles with Mimosa and the Music Dept., but apparently not.
  • I met with a nice lady at a temp agency in Boston, and I think I'll get some pleasant summer work in air-conditioned suburban offices — still seeking that elusive perfect second job.
  • That being said, I have a TON of editing right now. Money, money!
  • Yesterday was 3 million degrees, but the weekend is supposed to be much cooler and it already feels better outside and in. I just turned off my fan, in fact! Ugh, how I hate being hot.
  • Remember the m*****-f****** hornets that tried to kill me last summer? I've been a tad fretful about pruning Death Tree, even though it really needs it, because what if they're still lurking and plotting my demise?
But this morning I mustered my wits and my garden shears and eradicated a full third of that crazy tree. Nary a hornet in sight! Yay, me. I am a BADASS.
But now I must get back to the gonzo editing job. Just wanted to do a quick catch-up!


  1. You did a great job pruning that tree! Now Voldemort know exactly which house to visit...

    1. I was actually hoping for Luscious Malfoy from the movies... is that so wrong??