Monday, August 1, 2016

News Flashes from Chez Chardonnay

Two pieces of good news:

  • The weather is PERFECT. I am so so so happy! And I'm getting my first good night's sleep in eons. I am Lady Van Winkle!!
  • And: I have ESP!!! 
  • Example 1: Brunie has been blogging about her Route 66 cross-country road trip, but her writing has slowed the past few days (I suspect she's been mellowing out with one of Marin County's favorite pastimes**); I feverishly check for new posts, to no avail. Yet on Thursday, I knew, I just KNEW there would be a new post, and there was!
  • Example 2: Mimosa has reached out to her two new college roommates via e-mail but they have been very slow to respond, which was making me anxious. But last night I suddenly thought, One of them wrote to her and I checked and she had! (I can access Mimosa's account for now, while we're still getting everything in place, but I suspect she will change the password soon, which is fine.)
I am not sure what to do with my new power, but I will try to use it only for good.
A piece of "could be good, could be bad" news:
  • My mom's surgery requires a full month of recovery, and her doctor told her to do it in Boston or Minnesota so that one of her kids could take care of her. Mateo and I quickly engaged in a little tug of war, as he had an uppity response to my assertion that Mom was not having farm surgery in a field in the Middle West.*** But I had the ultimate riposte: She requires a downstairs bedroom, which he does not have. So, yay! I win our sick mother.
A note: Yes, I have two brothers.

Mom will likely be here through September and we will fly back to Chico together, as I'd already planned to come see her over Columbus Day weekend. It's a little scary — and also, our assigned roles of Recovering Patient Mom and Caregiver Lady are the exact opposite of what we're both best at — but que sera sera. We will make it work.

(My brother Miguelito did assure Mom, via a phone call, that he would come to  Boston to help me as needed. I am taking a deep breath now and plan to hold it until this occurs . . . wait, is that a pig flying by my window?) ☺︎

A piece of not-great news:

  • I was washing the soles of my feet in the bathroom sink the other night, a position that requires me to look something like a stork, and it was still hot and I was sweaty and moist and I slipped while still in stork position and landed very badly on my right leg. My knee wasn't great already due to arthritis, and now it is very injured and very slow to heal, since I don't have time to rest, elevate, and ice it — I have SO MUCH WORK, which is good but also makes me anxious and edgy, and also requires me to sit with my knee bent and foot on the floor (yes, I just described "sitting" for you — what a full-service blog!), which is the worst position for healing but what can you do. It's good to have work.
What I look forward to celebrating:
  • My firstborn angel turns 19 this Friday! Our celebration actually starts the day before: lunch with Good Neighbor Anne and Angel-Daughter, who've been friends with Mimosa since the girls were 1, and then an evening of Improv with the whole family. On Friday, my girl and I have a full day of activities planned in Worcester, Mass., heart of the Commonwealth! (You have to say this last phrase with a thick Boston accent, so "heart" sounds like "hat." Also, Worcester is pronounced "WOO-stuh.") Full report to come!
But "losing" those two days means I need to cram even more into Monday–Wednesday, so I'd best get to it. And recite my mantra, oh, 63 thousand more times.

 ** It took me a ridiculously long time to figure out how to spell this word!! Passtime? Pasttime? Nothing looks right, not even the correct spelling. What a weird word. But thank goodness, knowing how to spell words correctly isn't required for my job or anything.

*** Minnesota friends, you know I am kidding. I love Minnesota!! But yes, I am being very Isobel-ish about this. When you need major surgery, you come to Boston, (Medical) Hub of the Universe!!


  1. I thought to myself, "today Jen will have a new post" and she did. I have ESP. Actually, all I have is ESPN.
    "I am not sure what to do with my new power, but I will try to use it only for good." Like checking my daughter's email.
    "An evening of Improv with the whole family." Which describes every night with the Davis-Kay family.
    I am surprised that you and your brothers did not compromise and have your mom recuperate in Ohio.

    1. 1. ESPN is useful too, but it didn't have its own show starring Sally Field. Alas.
      2. I think you're making some kind of a point here . . well, let me consult my ESP. HA. Yeah, yeah, but I'm the one paying the bills, and they still send them to her e-mail account. We will get it all straight soon. In the meantime, I am doing my best to respect her privacy. She's not sending mash notes via the school account yet, we're good.
      3. Hee! You should know.
      4. Oh, man. Really good point. A nice motel room in Youngstown, that spells R-E-C-O-V-E-R-Y to me!

  2. I have long admired your ability to find great illustrations for your posts, and this one seems even better than usual!
    Do you enjoy hunting them down? (I can spend hours looking at images.)

    Good for you for hosting your mom!
    Yeah, that Mayo Clinic a little south of me--I hear they saw your leg off with a corn cob! ;)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I love looking for images (maybe not for hours, though. I'm a busy Lady!). And I'm excited to host Mom, but also worried, of course.

      Hmmph, Mayo Clinic. She is NOT going there, nor to the Mustard Clinic, nor to the Relish Clinic. Presidents and royalty send their children TO BOSTON for medical care!!!!

      (Yes, I'm a little het up about this. No offense intended.) :)

  3. I thought I was the only one who washed her feet like this! I do worry about falling but it's the easiest way to get clean feet. Can you prop that foot up while editing? I did that with my swollen feet while pregnant with Baby #2. I had to use a box of greenbar paper to elevate my feet. xoxo

    1. When I do the final read, I can sit back and prop up foot, but when I'm deep into it, it's too hard to type that way. Alas. At least the time goes quickly -- I have achieved Flow.

      I think the foot-washing figure looks like something from Pompeii, but I really liked it.


      p.s. Hey, what does Cheerwine taste like?

    2. Yes, it does. Pompeii with plumbing.
      Cheerwine tastes like slightly cherry-er, slightly flatter Cherry Coke. I'm not a fan, but my daughter loves it so maybe the flatness is just my imagination.

    3. Thank you! I've been so curious since Barby tried it. I don't like cherry anything, but I would take a sip. My mom can't stand seltzer because it tastes salty to her, though there's not a lick of sodium in it — taste is such a subjective thing.

  4. What IS Marin County's favorite pastime?! CPA Boy works there, of course, and there is a fancy pants rich peoples' shopping mall where the Cheesecake Factory is located. Is Brunie at a Cheesecake Factory?! And Route 66 is nowhere near Marin. Color me confused! XOXO

    1. Hee! I can't imagine why you're confused. One of Marin's favorite pastimes is the newly legal practice of enjoying herb, my friend. Here's a great quote I just found: "The Bay Area in general is fucking ridiculously perfect for smoking weed." What is your husband not telling you?!

      I don't think it's possible to drive all of Route 66 any more, right? But anyway, she's veering off it a lot to go visit friends and family (including my mom!); not sure if she'll pick up the Route again on the way back or if she's Route-d out. You should read her blog, you'd love it!


    2. I am sure that the San Rafael Whole Foods now has an expanded "herb" section...

    3. No doubt! Here in Arlington, we can't even buy wine at a grocery store. I always do a double take at Safeway when I'm visiting Mom. Different worlds, my friend.

  5. You are teeming with a lot o'news (rhymes with hypotenuse -- now THERE's a word that never looks like it's spelled right!) You are a perfect peach to want the best care and recovery for your mom! Sending good thoughts for the very best surgery experience and an easy recuperation for patient and caregiver! Happy 19th to Mimosa!!! So sorry to hear about your poor leg. Just what you didn't need. Hope it is feeling much better SOON! Guess who I shook hands with tonight?! Elizabeth Warren! Political wonk heaven!!! -- SDF

    1. Elizabeth Warren!!!! You lucky ducky. I am mad envious.

      I thought of you yesterday as Mimosa and I traipsed around Worcester, passing "Price Chopper" and "ugly mustard-yellow church" — are these not key landmarks on the way to Judith's house, i.e., the only road I know in Worcester?!