Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Any Second Now . . .

. . . my beautiful daughter will walk through my front door!!!

I haven't seen her since we dropped her off at college in mid-August. A friend at church seemed startled by this, and I realized – the reason it's been so long is that she lives in New York City and I can't walk. If I were spry and healthy, I probably would've gone down in October, explored my girl's 'hood, taken in a show, treated her to yummy meals and hot drinks, been a Mom. But all I can do is sit and look at her, and while I would find that very satisfying, I imagine she'd get a little tired of it.

Anyway. I told her that I planned to come live with her in April, after my surgery, and she said, "Great! You'll be the best roommate I've had so far."

(Her roommates are . . . okay enough. But she did not exactly win the Roommate Lottery, I fear.)

I miss her so so so SO MUCH, and I am so excited to have her home for a few days!

In other news: I've been cooking up a storm all day and am very excited for tomorrow's most excellent meal. Report to come!

And my readers will be happy and relieved to know that all three cocktails I've chosen for this year are delightful.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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