Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Still Looking for My Extra Hour

I seem to be so busy all the time lately. I was hired for a huge editing job, two giant books that each have a giant stack of accompanying handouts, and when I'm done I will get a ridiculous amount of money. But I will be at this for a couple of months — and since I can't go two months without any money coming in I keep saying yes to my other clients, who have been needing me on a steady basis for a while now.

And church is busy-busy; in these times of declining church attendance, my weirdo church continues to grow like Topsy, which means more kids in Sunday school, which means more work for Kind Tina and for me, her committee chair and confidante. And also, the families of Arlington, Mass., are in extra need of comfort, community, and succor this week, right at the time of year when we have lots of Big Programming already planned. Last Sunday the place was packed, and I think people really wanted to sit in a huge virtual hug and have our minister reassure us, but it was Music Sunday, the musical groups had been practicing for weeks, we couldn't postpone it. And this Sunday is our annual all-generation Thanksgiving service; the kids are with us all morning, we do a cornbread communion (which I cannot stand), and there is a (usually lame) play.

(This year's play is no exception. I rewrote it heavily, so it's a little better than it was, but as I said to Husband, "If you're a flower planted in dung, no matter how beautiful your blooms are, you're still a dung flower." Feel free to quote me.)

(Husband and I will be playing the key roles of Washer Woman and Washer Man. I expect we'll bring down the house.)

The leaves fall and must be raked. Things come in the mail for Mimosa that must be forwarded. People have birthdays, people die, all of which must be acknowledged. My family continues to eat on a regular basis.

And am I doing what I vowed to do — getting stronger pre-surgery? Hardly. Though I am being very dedicated about going to my deep water class, partly because I think the universe punished me for blowing it off last Tuesday by electing Mr. Trump.

No. I sit at my computer and work and work and work until I can't stand it any more, and then I chip away at my endless pile of things to do. And somehow, I don't seem to see "ride bike" and "lift weights" as a to-do item.

Today, after working for three hours, I finalized our Thanksgiving menu and put the lawn mower back in the shed (after wiping it off because it had been left out in the rain) and attempted to fix the broken spoke in my pink umbrella with duct tape and put my laundry away and purchased snacks for tonight's subcommittee meeting and gave the cats lunch. Once I post this I'll go back to work, though what I really want to do is climb into bed and sleep for three years.
(I have found an amazing soporific: The Mortal Storm, starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan. I was asleep two seconds into the opening credits!)
This is really all I have to say. I would like to get back into the habit of blogging, I think it is good for me, but I suspect the next few weeks' worth of posts will sound a lot like this:
Hi, today I worked some more. And did some other stuff. Bye!
Mimosa comes home for Thanksgiving a week from today. I am beside myself with joy.

But now I must return to work. And do some other stuff.



  1. How can you fall asleep when a movie has MARIA Freakin' OUSPENSKAYA in it?! Sheesh! (I haven't seen this one yet.)

    1. After three nights I finally gave up. Not sure I even made it to a scene with the divine Maria O . . . alas. It got such a nice review on IMDB, though, I am sorry to have to pull the plug. I fear Margaret Sullavan just does not do it for me — I'm not a fan of The Shop Around the Corner either, and people LOVE that movie. Potato, potahto.