Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ho Effing Ho

OK, I don't really mean that. I'm actually feeling pretty cheerful and upbeat, because I've been ON VACATION for 24 hours!!!! Which doesn't mean that life gets any slower for me, per se, but I am not shackled to my computer by clients. And that is HUGE.

Things are a tad "unsettled" at Chez Chardonnay. Turns out, Mimosa had a pretty tough time her first quarter away at college, which she didn't tell us, and she was briefly in danger of flunking all of her classes (which the college legally can't tell me, because my cherub is 19 and protected by FERPA). But to my astonishment, she pulled a rabbit out of a hat and is going to be okay academically.

But while she was dealing with the crazy-stress of massive denial, her mental health took a plunge, and her party-girl roommates said "Enough!" and moved out.  Honestly, I am not sorry to see those girls go  — I vividly remember the night Mimosa texted me "There are used condoms stuck to the wall by Courtney's bed!!!!" Ohmygod, what a PIG — but still. It's a rejection, and it hurts.

And in the midst of all this, Li'l Martini turned 16 yesterday and did the thing he's been dying to do for almost two years now: went to the Registry to get his learner's permit. He's been reading the booklet and taking online tests and was so excited!

And then . . . he didn't pass the written test. And took it a second time. And didn't pass.

He is very glum. And I am out $60, but let's not dwell. Mimosa had to take the driving test twice, which I suspect will not be the case for him; I supported her and I will support him; he will study hard and pass next time. Or he won't.  Whatever. Eventually he will pass.

It's been a fun time in Martini-land too, because he caught a case of folliculitis caused by a too-tight Madrigals costume (don't ask — and don't look at Google Images, you'll be horrified) and has been Poxy Boy for more than a week. But he's practically back to normal now, thank God. It was NOT attractive.

But things are looking up for everyone.  I have five days off to celebrate the happiest holiest holiday with my family, Mimosa got into an a capella group and will get two fresh new roommates next quarter, Li'l Martini got a great part in the school play and is getting good grades in all his classes,  Husband has strung up half the Christmas lights, which are lovely, and we are having Greek Salmon and onion-jam-and-goat-cheese toasts for dinner tonight, YUM!!

I pride myself on being "good at Christmas," and this year I've been quite chill while dealing with all the family drama. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus — all this other stuff we do is frippery and hoopla. The minute it stops being fun, we must stop doing it. Period.

All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well.

Merry merry, happy happy!