Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I Feel You, Rosemary

My daughter picked up some DVDs at the library this week, and I suggested that she get Rosemary's Baby because (a) classic, and (b) she took a film class last term; the camera angles, lighting, and such in Rosemary's Baby are a film student's dream, and I thought she would especially appreciate it now.

We watched it last night after I got home from swim class, and it was so nice to simply sit with a cup of hot cocoa (it's been chilly lately) and watch this fine film with my beloved daughter.

Frankly, I've been having a crappy couple of weeks.
  • I am slowly suffocating under an enormous pile of work that I would like to finish before I leave for California on the 13th — and I'm fairly sure that I won't be able to finish all of it, even working 24/7. It is almost unimaginable to me that I ever worried about not having enough work!!
  • There are issues with my daughter and college; I'm not ready to talk about it yet, but it's huge and I am not doing well.
  • My mom is turning 75; I'm going home to "celebrate" with her and my brothers, though she is being flighty and inconsistent about what sort of "celebration" she wants. Also, her broken arms are healing more slowly than they should; I am very worried about my weakening aging mom.
  • I also had this brilliant idea of "showering" her with birthday cards, but I need to get moving on this; her birthday is June 9,  and I still have lots friends and family to reach out to.
  • I haven't exercised (other than my Deep Water class), done PT, or put ice on my knees in weeks. No time!!!!!!!
  • So many of my friends are dealing with hard, sad, bad things right now, and I want to be there for all of them. I spent a lovely evening with Writer Jenny this week (she's fine), who told me about a mutual friend who is struggling. WJ concluded with the words, "I think she really needs her friends," and all I could think was, "I hope she finds some." !!!! It is a quality problem, for sure (like having too much well-paying work), but I simply have enough friends right now!!
This morning, Husband asked how Mimosa liked the movie, and I said she loved it, though she had this great summation: "Rosemary is like that girl who falls down when she's running away from the bad guy."
  • Me: You want to feel bad for her, but she's kind of annoying.
  • Husband: Well, she's dealt a pretty bad hand.
And then our conversation took a turn:
  • Me: She doesn't even have a job! She's got a devil baby and a dick husband! That's it! Two things!!!
  • Husband: Uh . . .
  • Me:  She doesn't even have parents to deal with! 
  • Husband: Uh . . .
  • Me: Okay, her friend dies, that's pretty sad, so, three things. But that's it! Three things! I leave her issues in the dust!!!!
  • Husband: Yes, it is clear that you have it all over Rosemary in terms of suffering.
  • Me: Thank you.

I need a vacation. Unfortunately, all I'm getting is a family-oblication (TM Sexy Em). But I'm staying for another week after my (charming, annoying) brothers leave, and I will get to see Lady Darcy and possibly J (fingers crossed, hard!!), and that will be divine.

Back to work!

xox Lady C


  1. I want to have peace and happiness. I want you to have peace and happiness. Life, please make it so.

    1. Thank you, my friend. Peace and happiness for everyone!

      My favorite mantra: All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well.

  2. Oh my gosh, family-oblication is a genius word! Sexy Em for the win! And you-- I happen to know -- are going to have a great time in California. I see the future...

    1. You have The Gift, baby! I shall call you The Girl with Something Extra...

      (it was a blast and a half)