Thursday, June 29, 2017


Sorry for the disgusting image, but I am celebrating. With just a little vigilance, I've already knocked off five and a half pounds! And yes, I know this isn't real fat, it's mostly water, but still. I'll take it!

My aim is for small, sensible meals. I get into trouble when I wait too long to eat, and then it's harder to make good choices. I know this very well, and yet, and yet. I am an idiot.

I haven't had one good long sweaty walk yet (the demon work continues to haunt my waking hours), and I need to bite the bullet and just do it already because it's starting to feel scary. But I've been dedicated about moving around mid-work and doing my PT.

Last night I had a glass of wine (my first drink since Saturday morning!) . . .
Oh, wait, that sounds bad. I was in an airport? and just found out my flight had been delayed? by A LOT? and I was on the West Coast but it was 1 p.m. in my body? and it was [they were] Bloody Marys?
Is any of this making it better?
. . . and I was still down two pounds this morning. I always love confirmation that wine is not my diet enemy!

OK — time to knock off work for now (I had a day off, but then a client called and begged. Begged!! What am I supposed to do??) and make a lovely dinner using a bunch of stuff from my CSA: bok choy, garlic scapes, and who knows what all. We're also having a big dish of potstickers, some edamame, four lovely composed fruit salads, and Thai Fried Rice that I just picked up at Trader Joe's. Yum!

My stomach is growling, but I won't eat until dinner time. I like to pretend that the growling is the sound of my body eating its own fat.

It's probably eating my gorgeous breasts, but oh well.

Lady C

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