Friday, June 30, 2017

My Life as an Inspiration to Others

How I envy you all, having me to envy!

(Ha ha.)

But I am happy and smug this morning — yes, even from my vantage point of heavier-than-I've-ever-been. I weighed myself and almost fell over (a repeat of last Sunday morning), but this time it was a happy light-headedness rather than horror.

First weight: 290! A loss of 10 pounds in a week!

Yet this seemed a little too Xanadu-ish, so I moved the scale and weighed myself three more times: 293.5, 292, and 291.

I'll err on the side of caution and take the highest weight, but still. I knew last week's high weight was fake weight and would come right off! But it was still a good wake-up call.

I'm also excited because I finished yesterday's editing job and may have no work for today, and I finally get to tackle my enormous To-Do pile! Oh, it is sad what I can get excited about, but there you have it. On today's I-hope-to-accomplish list:
  • Laundry (still haven't washed all my travel clothes)
  • Pack up a box of presents for my beloved nephew (the result of deep-cleaning Li'l Martini's room a few weeks ago; I saw said nephew in California and said, "Honey, do you need Wolverine hands and a lightsaber?" and he said, "YES." So cute!! But this is also why I have to do laundry; I'm sending him a sleep shirt featuring the kid from A Christmas Story, and it badly needs a wash)
  • Finish and send letters regarding Mimosa's disability plan for next year; we are having trouble finding a clinician to provide the documentation requested by Student Disability Services, so I'm sending a note to every single person who's treated her in the past two years, hoping at least one will help us. Her first year was a struggle on many fronts, and we are trying to be proactive
  • Make a call regarding our backyard shed, which is sinking into the earth; we need someone to tear it down, bolster the foundation, and build a new shed, and I can't find one company that can do all three things (despite my hopes of working with Dirty Girl Construction — such a great name!). I am sure that we are sheltering many skunk skeletons and other deceased wildlife; as I told Brunie, I'm not sure whether I need a demo crew, a handyman, or an exorcist
  • Use my Staples reward coupon, which expires today, to buy Li'l Martini a backpack; his is in shreds
If time allows:
  • Reorganize my closet so the winter clothes are at the back
How satisfying it will be to check these items off my list!!! And then I have a lovely free weekend with nothing scheduled! And four enticing library books!

Off to start the laundry. Item 1 — check!

Lady C

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