Monday, July 10, 2017

My Big Healthy Heart

Yesterday was another stressful day, and again I felt like exercise would help, and again it never quite worked out time-wise.

As I lay in bed last night, tossing and turning, stewing and fuming, I thought, I simply have to take a walk when I wake up.

The new day dawned at 6:49 a.m., with demon seed Duke mewling at me (he is such a tough butch kitty, but he's got a princess meow; it always amuses me), so I'd had maybe five hours' sleep, and I cannot tell you how little I felt like walking — but I knew I would feel worse if I didn't, so I grumbled my way into my fitness togs, reasoning that I could always turn around and come home if I succumbed to misery.

I chose to walk the streets of my 'hood rather than the Bike Path. I actually tried this walk a couple of weeks ago; it begins with a steepish incline, and by the time I'd crested it I was panting and heaving like a dying bovine. Seriously, I briefly thought I was having a heart attack, which was very unsettling. And it rattled me sufficiently that I took an extremely abbreviated version of my full walk; I probably didn't even hit a mile.

But today — today! — was different. I crested that incline with relative ease, and even though I was definitely breathing harder, my heart was just fine. My heart will go on! It was exhilarating to note how much progress I've made in just two weeks.

There's another big incline right in front of Nurse Kathy's house, and again I slowed a bit but otherwise dispatched it with aplomb. Yay, me!

The second leg, downhill along Route 2, is usually my favorite, but the last time I walked this walk (however many months and years ago) it was no fun at all; downhill was very hard on my poor knees. But those knees are DEAD now! My new titanium knees all but sang an anthem as we soared downhill.

I'm still out of shape, so again I was very tired at the end (and in fact didn't do the whole route — maybe 2.5 miles total? I'll drive it sometime and see), but I was happy to have found my oft-missing will.

I am still really tired. Tossing and stewing all night is not restful in any way. Maybe tonight will be better.

And I've lost another pound. FatSecret will be so pleased! Slow and steady, that's me.


Lady C


  1. Yay you, again! Not only for walking, but for taking that hardest step -- the first one of wrestling yourself into the right gear and taking that first step. (Wait a minute, is that two "hardest" steps? The mind reels). Be a Navy SEAL -- do something as soon as you get out of bed so you've got an accomplishment done early! At least that's what EJ says they say. Go you! J.

    1. Every freaking step is hard!! I should get a medal. Many medals. And one for you too. xox

  2. PS. Feel free to copy edit my comment. Proper punctuation is leaving me. J.

    1. Hee! I just had two vodka cocktails, your comment looks fine to me. :)

  3. PPS. Ingrid Bergman was brunette. Just sayin'.

    1. NONSENSE. She was a Hitchcock blonde. But Jenny will be gratified by your answer.