Monday, July 3, 2017

Oooooh, Baby

Yesterday was so fun!

Two of my library books are due on Monday, so I pushed myself to finish one, turning the last page as I sipped a cup of coffee on Sunday a.m. An awesome book, and such a lovely start to my day!

Then I woke the family. The deal I'd made: one hour of yardwork at 8 a.m., before it got prohibitively hot, with a special treat afterward of a movie at Chunky's! (N.H. cinemaplex where you sit at a comfy reclining chair at a table and are served food and drink. We love it!!!)

The yardwork was as un-fun as it usually is — good Lord, but my family comprises laggards, slugs, and bellyachers. But we got a ton done. My death tree (the willow that grows like Topsy and hid a bald-faced hornets' nest a few years back, remember?) is now half its size (seriously: I filled an entire leaf bag with what I sawed off this tree), which means that the rest of the front garden actually gets some sun.

I weeded and planted and pruned and raked and tried to ignore the rest of the team, as they ambled about the yard in slow motion, taking frequent breaks.

I LOVE my family, but these are not our best moments.

C'est la vie.

Cute Josh next door is a dedicated yard worker (snow shoveler, jogger — your basic nightmare), and I returned from my California vacay to see that he had gone to town on his hedges.
  • Me: Cute Josh has cut his hedges to two feet off the ground.
  • Mom: Wow.
  • Me: Our yard looks like a jungle. I think it's clear what I have to do.
  • Mom: Yeah, hire Josh.
I offered Josh ten dollah to clip my hedges yesterday, but he just laughed at me — though he came over a few minutes later offering to loan his electric hedge trimmer, which is just so sweet. He really is a good neighbor. He then dropped by again a few minutes after that, walking their super-cute dog Loki and hand-in-hand with their darling toddler Angelica.
  • Me: They are the cutest family.
  • Mimosa: Yeah. Too cute. They must be harboring a dark secret.
  • Martini: Did we find out why the mom is bald?
  • Me: Yeah. Breast cancer. But she's not bald any more, she's super-nice, she works in the NICU, and she makes amazing cookies.
  • Martini: But I've heard her yell.
  • Me: That's right. Angelica must be a demon seed.
  • Martini (worried): Mimosa, you better not babysit for them!!   

True Confessions: The "hour" was more like 80 minutes, but the yard looks SO much better and I am happy.

And then I had a lovely afternoon drinking iced white wine and reading Library Book #2, which I'm loving less but still enjoying. I will push myself to finish it Monday morning (i.e., NOW).

At 2:30, we headed to the Granite State to take in a show: Baby Driver, starring multiple Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx, Emmy winner Jon Hamm, and teen heart-throb Ansel Elgort.

It was AWESOME. We all loved it!!!! Two thumbs up from the Chardonnays.

I have this vague feeling that I don't like Ansel Elgort, vaguely based on misogynist comments he's made that I vaguely remember reading. But Readers, he won me over in this movie. He is adorable. I wanted to stroke his lightly scarred brow and cure his loneliness. (In a motherly way, pervs.)

A perfect way to spend a summer afternoon!

Though we were all deeply distraught to see that our traditional post-Chunky's treat was not to be: the Dairy Queen in Nashua, N.H., has been torn down!!!!

I suggested driving to Sister Hart's house (she lives nearish) and begging her for dessert, but the family thought that would be rude. Instead, we went to the Baskin-Robbins in Lexington, Mass. (Baskin-Robbins around here tends to be tucked into a Dunkin Donuts, so you have maybe 10 flavors to choose from; it's pretty funny), and that was delicious — but dude, when you're craving a Buster Bar, it is hard to settle.

I will note that my weight was slightly up this morning, which — given yesterday's consumption of ice cream, chili nachos, and so many glasses of wine I require a full hand to count them — is perhaps not a surprise. But it's the first time since California that my weight went up, not down, so today I'm back to Spartan living and good choices.

Today's goals:
  • Do five PT exercises
  • Get up and move once an hour whilst editing
  • Lift weights
  • Eat small meals of real food and lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Only one or two glasses of sangria, after 5

Very do-able!

Off to finish a library book, I hope, and then start this week's editing. I have three clients, and I'm hoping to hold it to that.

Happy America's Birthday Eve, my peeps!

Lady C


  1. Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx are hilarious in Horrible Bosses I and II. Lots of sexual humor and zaniness from Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis. (The marry/shag/kill conversations remind me of YOUR party in Mankato!) Even Jennifer Anniston is good. DH and I die laughing the 20 times we've watched them.

    1. Are you planning to go to the next Convention? I'm on the fence . . . but if we're both there, we will definitely have an after-hours naughty games party!! (I think you have a higher tolerance for raunchy humor than I do, but I will give Horrible Bosses a try — all those actors are wicked talented, for sure. Maybe I'll indulge in some pre-game cocktails before movie, to get in the right frame of mind.)

      Thanks for commenting! xoxo

  2. Yeah, I might be the queen of Raunch.

    1. Hee! I had cocktails with Barby tonight and said, "Would I hate Horrible Bosses?" and she said, "You would hate it SO MUCH." But who knows.