Sunday, December 31, 2017

Three Hours from a New Year

I love New Year's Eve, but honestly . . . tonight I'm exhausted. It's been an intense month! Yesterday we took down our Christmas decorations and then thoroughly cleaned the house, and today I covered for Kind Tina at church (she's spending time with her new grandbaby!) and then powered through and finished all my "Christmas" cards (this is astoundingly early for me! But I wanted to get it done ASAP, for many reasons). I have a great sense of accomplishment, but oh my tired body.

Usually on New Year's Eve we play games and eat appetizers and ring in the new year as a family, but Martini's at a friend's house, Mimosa is giggling over something on her computer, Husband is simultaneously engrossed in a documentary about Batman's co-creator and a new book on his smartphone, and I just want a hot shower and a warm bed.

Tomorrow, my one and only goal is to sit in my comfy chair and read my six excellent library books . . .

. . . though I should probably go to the gym. I'm working onsite at Coldwater Creek for the rest of the week; tomorrow is my only chance unless I work out at night after a long day hunched over a desk (Coldwater Creek is NOT set up for proofreaders! I may have mentioned this), which: ughy pew.

It would also be fun to go to Mahoney's Garden Center, where I reliably find an awesome Christmas ornament for the annual Betsy-Tacy Ornament Exchange for 50% off! And we really need a new Christmas tree stand; I am getting too old to lie on the floor with Li'l Martini, twisting twisting the four screws with pliers . . . and I've also got some things to return at Kohl's . . .

But sitting and reading will happen! Lots of it! The perfect way to "ring in" the new year, if you ask me.
No resolutions this year — I'm still in "one day at a time" mode. But I'm now working out with a personal trainer twice a week, and I start the Whole Life Challenge on January 20 with Writer Jenny, and that's all resolution-y, right?

Happy - yawn - 2018, my friends!

Lady C

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Quiet in Blog-Land

None of my favorite bloggers have been writing much recently (where is everybody???), and clearly I am no exception. Wonder what's going on?

For my part, we are dealing with a family issue that is taking up most of my available bandwidth, and I'm also editing like a crazygirl. My new client Coldwater Creek wants me onsite a lot lately, which is fun but also a little challenging; they are not well-set-up for a regular proofreader, and I am always achy after a day leaning over a flat desk, and they are also an hour away — I think of them as an occasional client rather than a regular gig (but haven't quite broken that news to them yet . . .). Also, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has hired me for three books, which means three big fat paychecks, so exciting!! and then I have all my usual clients — busy busy!

But I'm on "vacation" now, which is lovely. Today there was absolutely nowhere that I had to be, and I reveled in staying home. We're dining on Trader Joe's appetizers, which smell so good, and the four of us will watch Arthur Christmas, one of our favorite holiday movies, as soon as Li'l Martini gets back from his pet-sitting gig.

All is basically fine. I love Christmas, and the family issue is working itself out, slowly, slowly, one day at a time. All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well.

Man, I'm hungry! Hurry home, kid! (though the streets are a tad icy. Be careful what you wish for, mama).

Lady C