Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Lose a Pound, Gain a Pound - Updated! (Twice!)


My weight is dropping, but with abysmal slowness! I expected to be down this morning, then remembered last night's sushi dinner (sodium!).

The weather is nice, so I enjoyed a brisk outdoor walk the other night. I only have to do 10 minutes (which feels very freeing) but I did more like 20 and then came home and did all my stretching. Stretching is the Challenge component I'm still most likely to skip. With exercise, I can definitely feel and see that I'm making progress.* With stretching — nada, I'm still stiff and un-springy as a board, despite a near-daily 10-minute stretch. It's the opposite of empowering.

As I was heading out for my walk, I immediately got a text from FitBit:
  • FitBit: Hi Lady! How are you doing tonight?
  • Me: I'm taking a walk. CAN YOU SEE ME?
  • FitBit: Yes! I see you!
She cracks me up.
UPDATE: I took a walk at noon today, and when I was about five minutes into it I got a text from – guess who – FitBit! I wrote, "HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS?"

When I got home, I did my stretching right away. I'm still board-stiff, but hey. I GOT MY POINTS, that's all.
I did a favor for FitBit yesterday, proofreading her bestie Yambi's Capstone paper, and Yambi kept apologizing to me for her poor grammar:
  • Me: Honey, your English grammar is TEN TRILLION TIMES BETTER than my Spanish grammar!! 
  • Yambi: Ha ha! 
  • Me: FitBit asked me once if I spoke Spanish, and I said, “Besame mucho! Taco! Gracias!” That’s about it.
  • Yambi: That’s all the Spanish you need to get by, most likely you will get tons of kisses, tacos and smiles from Spanish speakers.
She is very sweet and I was happy to help, but now I'm behind on all my other work and starting to feel testy and cross. Husband and I leave for the Pacific Northwest in a couple of weeks, and I think I have work scheduled for every single day before we go. Too much!!

(But yes, I know this is a quality problem.)

Tonight I'm supposed to attend Part 1 of a three-part church discussion of the book Waking Up White. I think I need to go, as this whole topic (How welcoming is our mostly white church?) is starting to make me edgy and eye-rolly (did I mention that we live in a very white community? Where are we going to find all these folks of color who want to be Unitarian Universalists?), and I don't want to be edgy and eye-rolly, I want to have an open heart and an open mind. But this is the absolute last thing I want to do with my precious free time tonight, believe me.

(This event was publicized for a while before I signed up; I kept feverishly checking the three Tuesdays, as I couldn't believe that my packed schedule offered three free nights in a row. But it did, so the message is clear. Get ready to get woke, eye-rolly girl.)

Three phone calls to make this morning, all of which I'm either dreading or semi-dreading:
  • Doctor's office: Why do I have a bill saying "Balance forward"? I pay all my bills in full. What balance are you talking about??
UPDATE: "The balance is from your knee X-rays." "Yes, I see that bill. Which I paid in full." "Yes, you did, but there was a balance." Repeat three times. The bill is only $59, I give up.
  • Overstock.com: You delivered a broken table! What are you going to do about it? And yes, I'm asking for the second time.
UPDATE: Super-nice lady says I'm in the system now and my table should be picked up in a couple of days. And we don't even have to dis-assemble it ourselves! This is very good news. Less good news: My gorgeous table is out of stock. Back to the drawing board . . .
  • New School financial people: Why do you insist that I only paid half the tuition I paid last year??? So sick of this, but it will make a difference to my taxes of about $800, so I need to follow up.
UPDATE: Hateful hateful hateful people. What I need is a 1098-T that reflects the more than $50K I paid in tuition last year. What I have is a 1098-T that says $22K, which is just wrong. They keep insisting that the 1098-T reflects what I was charged, not what I paid. Which . . . WTF??? Why would I have paid something if I wasn't charged it???? I am begging my accountant to help me with this, I can't talk to these people any more.
All of these calls could have been avoided if other people would freaking do what they're supposed to do!!!! Grr grr grr.
I am so fired up and testy! Why doesn't this count as 10 minutes of exercise? I'm sure my heart rate's up.

Lady C

* Encouraged by my niece Stacy Sparkle, I can now hold a plank for 15 seconds! It's still not much, but when I first tried it I could do maybe 3 seconds. I'm trying to do a plank a day and to increase my stamina by a few seconds each time. FitBit was very impressed yesterday!! which always makes me feel good.

The real question, of course, is why do I have such a bossy niece?? Why isn't a single one of my nieces a nice quiet bookworm??? Five nieces, not a gentle reader in the bunch.
UPDATE: Just did today's plank. 20 whole seconds!!! Progress!!!!!

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  1. Does the 1098-T have an amount in Box 5? I have seen some 1098-Ts that subtracted the amount in Box 5 from the amount(s) in Box 1 and/or 2. This is wrong and should be added back. Even if not, you may claim amounts not on the 1098-T.