Wednesday, June 6, 2018



I had my Wednesday workout with Fit-Bit and then came home and did ab work and stretching, because I haven't been doing those things and I know they're good for me. But then I tried to do a plank (it's been a while) and punked out after 15 seconds.

Of course, the plank was the last thing I did after a long good workout, so maybe it wasn't the best test — I'll try again tomorrow. But I really hoped I was up to a full minute, so it's somewhat discouraging.

But! At the end of my second Whole Life Challenge, I'd lost another four pounds, a full inch from my hips, and three inches from my waist!! Mimosa took some more pictures of me, and the change from last December is vivid. I am very happy and newly motivated.

I've lost about 20 pounds since I first started working with Fit-Bit, and now I'm going to try very hard to lose another 20 pounds before my birthday (August 10). That's a lot, and I may not be able to do it — but I like this goal.

While I was on vacation, of course I ate and drank to excess — but I also set limits. I worked out a lot, I walked everywhere, and I tried hard to include fresh fruit and vegetables and to avoid dessert. It was awesome. The funnest thing was doing my stretching in Mrs. Fog Dog's living room, while she chattered away to me and her dog Feldman looked on with interest. She was impressed at how I made use of her living-room furniture (couch arms work well for quad stretches), and I felt fit and virtuous.

My biggest challenge, always, is my own workaholic tendencies. When I have work on my plate, it is so hard for me to stop and take a break, for any reason! And I love to dive into work first thing — those early morning hours are my most productive. I usually work from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., more or less, and I wish I could get into the mindset of thinking of 3 p.m. as prime workout time. Maybe that will be my sub-goal.

Today is full of un-fun tasks: The Sears guy was here to see why my bathtub water is all rusty (kinda gross, but it won't hurt me), and we now have to flush our hot water heater, which sounds so fun. I have my least favorite kind of editing job, a super-light edit of a math curriculum for kids in Liberia (the super-light part is my least favorite, not math or Liberia). In an hour, Husband and I go sign our income tax forms, and I'm blue because we had to pay so much this year — it's all these non-EDC clients I have now who don't take taxes out. (Yes, I know I could do this myself. I did not. Hence — blue.) (And I also lost my good fight re: Mimosa's tuition. I am a deep azure royal navy midnight BLUE.)

But . . . we're having a yummy dinner tonight that is relatively easy to cook (chicken chili, mini hot dogs and onions, sweet potato fries, cilantro coleslaw, and corn), I'm reading several wonderful library books, I have a $50 Amex gift card that I plan to spend on good hooch (my wine larder, how it echoes with emptiness . . .), and the weather here is perfect for at least another week. 


Looking on the bright side, c'est moi.

Lady C

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