Saturday, June 2, 2018

Last Call


I've heard from several of you, either here or via e-mail, and I appreciate it.

But the numbers still don't add up, so I'm doing one more request:
If you read my blog (whether semi-regularly or sporadically) and you know me, in real life or online, will you please leave a comment?
I know I have other "regular" readers who probably haven't checked in for a few weeks now: Zanny, Writer Jenny, Mrs. Cynicletary, Good Neighbor Anne, Inspirational Kathy. Other friends have read my blog, at least in the past: Sister Hart, Jess of England, Nurse Wendy; Michele, Oasis of Calm; JoJo, Angel of Light. Some former readers and friends may or may not check in any more: Lady Darcy, CPAMichael, Bride Boy. And there are likely some names I'm forgetting.

But even with these folks and even accounting for rereads, I don't get close to 100. I'd like to know who's out there. I talk about intimate things on this blog. It's one thing if a stranger reads them (I don't know this person, I don't care), but I'd like to have a sense of the people who know me who are reading my words.

Please do this for me. Thank you.

More soon, on much meatier topics, I promise!!

Lady C