Friday, June 22, 2018

No Progress at All!


Argghh! Day after day, my scale needle refuses to budge, despite my near-daily workouts, mad consumption of vegetables (our CSA share just resumed!), and endless glasses of water.

Alas, I know what at least one culprit is: restaurant meals. I've already had a few this week and there's more to come — lots of fun events planned for the weekend!
  • Tonight, Mrs. Cynicletary is joining me for dinner and a show! We're dining at Summer Shack (I will lean toward salad and grilled fish) beforehand, then seeing my baby star in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
  • Tomorrow, Brunie is meeting me and Husband at Legal Sea Foods (salad, grilled fish), and we're going together to Li'l Martini's final performance. I am such a stage mama, I know, but he is so good in this part, I love this show and the score, I need to see it at least two more times. So proud of my cherub!!
  • Sunday, I'm meeting some Betsy-Tacy pals at the Concord Museum to see an exhibit of vintage clothing, similar to what Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy might have worn, then we're heading to — can you guess? — a restaurant for dinner! I'm less familiar with the menu at Merchant's Row, I'll have to peruse it ahead of time and plan a good meal.
Mimosa and I will head to the gym in an hour or so to work out on our own, not with Fit-Bit! Our goal is to work out at least three and ideally four days a week, which I supplement with walks and yard work on non-gym days, and we've done well this summer. (Well, summer is technically only a day old, but I mean: since June 1.)

I love restaurants so much, particularly in the summer when it's hot and I'm too cranky to cook. Can a girl enjoy restaurants and still lose weight? I will do my best this weekend.

Mindfulness. That will be my key. Wish me luck!

Lady C

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