Saturday, June 9, 2018

Tiny Update on My Tiny Progress

I set my weight-loss goal, then promptly ate a ton of sushi (sodium!!) and had a huge filling bowl of chili for dinner (though I didn't finish it), and the next day my weight was up by three pounds, sigh. But since then I've been losing 1/2 a pound a day, I just bought a ton of Greek yogurt and fruit (good hot-weather meals), and I'm back in the rhythm of feeling a need for movement and sweat every day. It took a while to get here, but yay! I think I'm really here.

Today's movement and sweat (after I finish vacuuming): yard work! I plan to mow and edge my lawn today.


After church tomorrow, I will tackle the side yard next to Cute Josh's house — the one area of my yard I haven't dealt with yet. It never looks all that attractive, and it reaches jungle status very quickly; I am excited to tame it early, spread some mulch, and give this neglected area a little love.

In other news, I am having anxiety nightmares because there is, once again, way too much on my plate. Besides all the daily interpersonal drama and angst (my poor girl still doesn't have a job and was the victim of another computer scam — GRRR ARGGH I HATE PEOPLE), here's what I'm dealing with:
  • Seven jobs to do for five clients; some are short but some are loooooong; I was at the computer till 1 a.m. last night (technically this morning)
  • I have to create a Sunday school curriculum on the Old Testament, squishing together two other curricula (haven't even started this — I need to bite the bullet and do one lesson to break the ice, because I seriously wig when I think about doing it, but I don't think it will be as bad as I'm dreading)
Found when searching for an image for "my to-do
list is trying to kill me" – how funny is this??
  • I've agreed to teach Adult OWL (UU sex ed) at our church next year, and I have to read that curriculum and think about how to cut 13 lessons down to 3 or 4
  • Despite our weekly chores, my house is getting dirty; we need to scrub some areas and dust, tasks that don't get done regularly
  • Once the organizer sends me the info, I need to put together and format the program for the upcoming Betsy-Tacy Convention
  • The IRS claims I owe $1,400 more for 2016 — I think they're wrong, but I need to look into it
. . . and so on. There's more, but those are the headlines.

Why don't stress, worry, and overwork make me thin??? They just make me drink.

But moving and sweating will help. And then I'll do another couple hours of editing, make dinner for the family, and collapse into a bubble bath. Yay, a plan.

Lady C

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