Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Lighter Side of Misery?


Good Lord, what a crappy week it's been! After the funnest weekend imaginable (girlfriends! theater! culture! cocktails by my fire pit!), I hit the ground running at 6 a.m. Monday, driving for an hour in constant traffic to Hingham to work onsite for Coldwater Creek for three days. The people there are very nice, the coffee's delicious, and I adore my sister proofreader — but it's long days reading endless columns of similar text, and I am squinty and stupit by 6 p.m., when I get in the car to drive for another hour in constant traffic.

By the time I'm home, I'm dead. No after-hours gym workout for me! It's all I can do to keep my head upright in my lovely recliner and follow the intricate plot twists of Charlie's Angels on MeTV.

On Wednesday, I caught a weird fast-acting chest cold that had me shaky and achy; I left work early-ish, came home, and went straight to bed, then on Thursday had no voice at all. But I got up early to buy groceries and icy treats for Li'l Martini, who had his wisdom teeth out first thing in the a.m., then went back to bed, rising only to cough up a pound of phlegm from my lungs, one ounce at a time. Glamour, c'est moi.

(Martini is fine. He's a fast healer and very stoic. Today he's at a pool party!)

On Friday, my cold had mysteriously disappeared but I now had a migraine that lasted for 48 hours, I was ready to shoot myself in the head. It's also become very hot and humid here very suddenly, and I'm getting increasingly anxious about the work I'm not getting done due to pain, exhaustion, and migraine blindness.

The ONLY bright side, and I realize exactly how pathetic this is, is that I've been too sick to eat much and I've lost about five pounds.

Uh, winning???

Today I felt better, and since I ate a big tuna sub, potato chips, and a root beer float for dinner, I will likely see the scale jump back up tomorrow. But it was so nice to eat something that actually tasted good to me!

It'll be a pretty hot week, but tomorrow should be a little cooler. And I got a lot of work done today (yes, the Lord's day), so I'm feeling somewhat less anxious. (Somewhat. You know me.)

And tomorrow I'm back to the gym, after a week's absence! Should go super well.

Though my headache was gone today, I still feel it dancing coyly around the edges of my brain. Think I'll go to bed now with an icy cloth clutched to my brow, that should help.

Lady C

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